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Thread: Am I Screwed?

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    I am a USC who married my wife three years ago and she just recieved her 10 yr Green card a month ago. She has been in country for a year and a half. Last week she decided to leave and moved to a friends house of the same nationality. I first had my doubts about her intentions when she aborted our baby without my permission early last year, she had a poor excuse for doing it. I did everything for her, supported her back in her country, and did everything a husband is supposed to do. I am a NY resident. What should I do? I do not like be taken advantage of. Having to deal with immigration for three years has practically put me in an early grave.

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    It sounds like she took advantage of you. You can complain to USCIS. If you can provide compelling evidence that she married you only to get immigration benefits, her Green Card may be revoked. The chances of that happening are extremely slim however.

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    I am sorry to hear that. Have you sat down and talked to her about the situation? You both need to communicate. There is nothing you can really do but mediate with her. USCIS will not help you since she has her 10 year card. This means that she has gone through with you all the immigration steps required. Its a lot of work and a mad and suspicious husband will not interfere on the process. This is the kind of stuff that you just don't wait.
    I am sorry hear that.

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    You can have her deported.

    She is a criminal alien.

    Go to Police and tell what she did.
    They will arrest her immediately, put her in mental asylum for 5-10 years then she will be deported.

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    what sort of reply was that?
    you f****** axx hole!
    why dont you go away and play with yahoo messenger you child!

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    No, she can be deported even she has GC already!
    Report her to USCIS if you feel yourself was used. GC is not a guarantee.

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    You have to remember that because you signed the affadavit of support, you may still be liable financially for her actions.

  8. #8
    yeah you are a idiot I work at the 800 line and i really almost phsycially get sick from hearing about how stupid people are that marry and get taken advantage off

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    Hello; I am a victim of foreign abuse as well. There ARE somethings you can do. Please follow my advice carefully.

    1. Move quickly on my advice; I can not stress this enough
    2. See an immigration/divorce lawyer IMMEDIATELY and explain the situation
    3. Insist that you want an annullment based on fraud
    4. Insist that you want damages; I do not think $30,000-$50,000 is unreasonable PLUS whatever else she took
    5. Immigration will NOT do anything; your only chance at justice is for suing for damages
    6. Go to and find yourself a new beautiful foreign bride; I am going to Russia in August; I am from NY also; if you want to come with me to Russia, let me know


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    So what happened?

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