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Thread: legal US residents to be minority if amnesty is not given

  1. #1
    Current projections are that if an amnesty isnt given, USCs and legal US residents will be a minority around 2047.

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    Current projections are that if an amnesty isnt given, USCs and legal US residents will be a minority around 2047.

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    If this projection is correct, then it necessitates that America close its borders and crack down on illegal immigrants already here. Exactly as the American people are already demanding.

  5. #5
    Kill illegal aliens already in US this is exavtly what the american people want.

    Kill all of them not deport.

    If somebody enters your private property without your permission you have the right to kill him and you will not face any penalty.

    Only killing illegal aliens for their illegal presence and law breaking can stop the new ones from even thinking about overstaying a visa.

  6. #6
    How about invading Mexico and making it 53rd American state bringing prosperity and wealth to this land?
    Both Mexicans and Americans would be happy.
    Something like Puerto Rico.

  7. #7
    ...and which countries do you propose to become the 51st and 52nd states?

    With all due respect, Puerto Rico is NOT a good example. One-hundred-and-seven years after Puerto Rico became a territory of the United States, the people of Puerto Rico still refuse to speak English.

    Likewise, Mexicans who migrate to America hardly have a sterling record of assimilation. I doubt that it really would be in America's interest to become responsible for Mexico.

  8. #8
    Maria: You really don't know what you're talking about. Private property owners do NOT have a legal right to kill trespassers on their property. The only possible legal justification for such action would be if a trespasser threatened someone's life.

  9. #9
    Just to clarify, shes talking about laws in Ecuador where she came from.

  10. #10
    Maria cannot be a real person. No one can be that stupid and manage to feed themselves. I think someone is just putting out low IQ level statements to see a response.You cannot have an intelligent conversation with someone with no intellect.

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