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Thread: FILING I 360 ANYONE knows ?

  1. #1
    I ,m Filing I 360 WAIVER. and USCIS send me the letter to send them Police report of No crime?
    did anyone knows that if I can get work permit while Waiver is pending ? or Not.
    I have two US born kids to support. Divorce is pending.

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    I ,m Filing I 360 WAIVER. and USCIS send me the letter to send them Police report of No crime?
    did anyone knows that if I can get work permit while Waiver is pending ? or Not.
    I have two US born kids to support. Divorce is pending.

  3. #3
    forget about vawa. there is no crime nor has there been any abuse. you have a pattern of not leaving this country when told. You did not take the voluntary departure, you did not comply with the interview for adjustment of status (stokes) and you did not comply with a simple sponsership form submittal from your wife and a co sponser. It was all so simple

    see an immigration attorney for advice. a real one and not some clown that suggests VAWA see the other thread you started for what you need to look into

  4. #4
    No chance of work permit wetback. Get the frak out of my country.

  5. #5
    I knew it no one will know the answer. and everyone just judge me from their own angle and write garbage here.

    First of all , thank you for answering, even though its negative way.
    FYI: You are right I had Voluntary departure and I didn't left. I didn't know the consequences , and it was attorney who was novice. that put me in big trouble.. he made money , regardless of my life or status, keep in mind he was US citizen and dry me out for money, more complicated the case more money they make.
    you are right I don't want to leave. Who will? when you have two US kids, and you leave them, it will be very hard for them to grow up.
    Here is the news for you who commented here.
    I was picked up By ICE and stayed 8 months under Immigration.. actually my wife called Immigration when I found out her affair. Her BF and her cleaned my bank account, piled up credit card when I was incarcerated.( BTW, Under immigration hold is not a crime either)
    Immigration was unable to deport me and I had no crime, they release d me on visitation, I filed Joint motion. got approved. and case was terminated.
    My wife came back and went for interview. medical and al paper was done and I was waiting for my green card. She told me that she was following her BF advise and he is no more in her life and she wants to concentrate on kids, she was suposed to realise that kid will not have father if I am deported. But,

    I got work permit and start working, filed bankcruptcy, started all over again. When I enquired about GC , I came to know from the officer that she withdrawn petition. Later I found out why.
    Its because I start earning so she can get money from me, and IF I have green card I may not care and leave her. Basically its blackmail, using Immigration as a weapon to earn money.
    I don't give a **** about the green card any more. I just want to know if I have work permit so I can pay child support and my kids will not be on welfare.
    BTW , I can go back to my country and earn decent money there. so don't think, US is the opne country I have ever seen.
    If you think you are citizen and all the right to say whatever comes in mind then I have to saythat their are citizens who take advantage of the situation for their selfishness, and these people seldom have moral and ethics.
    many of you are here. Attorney, my wife both were citizen.
    Do u really think that I got hurt? NOp its the kids.
    JUst to let you know that I myself meet with Immigration officer many times.. He cannot give any advise in the office but We he took me to cafateria, and there he told me about my case. he advised me certain things.
    Just to let you know Immigration never claimed that my marriage was sham.. Government attorney joined in joint motion and my V departure case was terminated.
    So you all who claim to be citizen just shove it where sun don't shine

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