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Thread: Immediate relative petition for parent of USC.

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    My question is "does the benificiary of an immediate relative petition of a USC has any derivative benificiaries with the principal benificiary?" i.e. can a parent of USC who is a benificiary of I-130 bring his or her children with him/her as immigrants?

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    First let's get some terminology straight. Parents of a US citizen are immediate relatives. Siblings are considered principal beneficiaries and are petitioned through the "family preference" system.

    A principal beneficiary can immigrate with his or her spouse and unmarried children under 21. These family members are known as "derivative beneficiaries" and can immigrate without a separate petition filed on their behalf, but immediate relatives cannot immigrate with spouses and minor children unless a separate relative petition is filed on their behalf.

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    Thanks a lot for replying. It means that a parent of USC can not take his family with him on the same petition, right?
    And what about brothers ans sisters of USC?

    Thanks in advance for replying.

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    Brothers & sisters of USC are siblings.

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