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Thread: inadmissibility waiver

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    has anyone gotten an inadmissibility waiver approved? if so how long did it take?

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    has anyone gotten an inadmissibility waiver approved? if so how long did it take?

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    hi jessyharv, I'm in your same situation. can someone please advise. Bugsy, any input on this?

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    I suppose it depends on what the waiver is for and if you already had your hearing.
    I know there are minor offences waivers & if you are Married to a US Citizen you have the Life Act for family unity. But I dont think there is any guarantees. INS can deport you or ban you for 5 to 10 years depending on situation. My advice get a very good Lawyer and dont wait around for INS.
    Mr TTT

  5. #5
    Thans for your input Mr TTT.

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    I haven't filed an admissibility waiver yet, but I expect that I will have to file one soon, as my husband overstayed his tourist visa and is now in his home country.

    My experience has been that INS does nothing quickly. On other message boards I've read that a waiver can take months or years to adjudicate, but I've also seen posts from people whose waivers have taken a few weeks.

    Will you be filing for a waiver from an overstay bar? A number of people have told me that retaining a lawyer for a waiver is a good idea, as waivers can be tricky.

    Good luck.

  7. #7
    Yep. It depends on the type of waiver you are filing for and where it's being filed. For example, a nonimmigrant waiver for a Canadian visitor with criminal convictions takes around six months to adjudicate b/c it's adjudicated by an INS District (not Service Center). If you have to file a waiver in conjunction with an application for adjustment of status, add additional time to the known processing time b/c that means the case is not straightforward and requires thought by INS. What is the ground of inadmissibility we're talking about anyway? Sometimes people overlook things and file waivers when they don't need to. Good luck!

    - rrv

  8. #8
    the waver that I think I'll need or should I say my wife will need. She tried to enter the US with a birth certificate that wasn't hers, and got cought. I filed an I-129f and was approved by the service center, but at the actual interview at the consulate the K-1 was denied on those grounds.
    since then we have married abroad and she stayed behind. I still haven't consulted an attorney.
    thanks for your help.

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    i have the same issue what type of waiver do you need for this type of situation, i have an agravated felony so i need to know what type of waiver and how long does it takes thank you for your help

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