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Thread: Russian Girls

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    Do you get commission on viewing?
    Just kidding

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    was that paris hilton with a burger washing that hummer???

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    That is the hottest video I have ever seen; much better than t.A.T.u.; those phonies

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    Join Date
    Oct 2003
    East Hampton [Long Island], New York [USA]

    Did you watch the documentary-˜Human Trafficking" on Lifetime Channel, which was premiered just 2-3 days ago on 24th of this month? It was 4 hours documentary and a must see. Though it's now over, but I think Lifetime will re-air it as they always do that. In that documentary, it shows how young girls are brought to US for se-x business.

    It's said over there that this business is taking over drug business because drug can be sold only once, but female and children could be sold over and over. It's also said that drug lords are quitting their drug businesses these days and getting involved in human trafficking as it is a most profitable business. Show also stated that almost one million young girls are brought/smuggled to US each year for this purpose as United States is the largest market for this business.

    I liked this documentary. It shows how young girls are kidnapped in abroad and smuggled to US. Many young girls, as young as 11 yrs old, who wanted to become a teen model went to Modeling Agencies in their home countries, wherein the women in those agencies hired them and told them that they would need to go to America for Modeling.

    These people were very big shots as they were easily be able to arrange passports and US Visas for these young girls without any hassle and without the permission of their parents. They had prominent US attorneys in their side to save their $$$. These young girls were forced to sale their body upon arriving here. Some of these girls did suicide as they were very young and could not tolerate inhumanly ways of having se-x.

    Some of these girls tried to escape, but these bad people were holding something on each of them in the name of killing their family members in back home if they would try to escape from them. They scared and beat these young girls very badly and raped them very inhumanly ways you name it.

    Girls were forced to have se-x with even 80 yrs old men, including with very influential ones like doctors, politicians and etc. Girls were not provided enough food, medicine when they got sick, and forced to sleep with at least 30-40 men a day in order to make more money. They were placed in a basement in a slum living situation wherein 10 girls stayed together in one small room. Later on, these traffickers started making por-no movies on these young girls to make more money. They were supplying these girls to politicians to get favors from them.

    It shows how hard a father of one of these young girls was able to reach to her daughter from Russia to US to rescue her. But he had to play with these traffickers' rules; otherwise he could have been killed. He joined this gang just to find her daughter. He was given young girls as well to sleep with to have a fun as every man in the gang was sleeping with every girl, but he did not sleep with any of them though he took them in his room, but these people did not know about that.

    He watched by his own eyes when his own daughter was forced to act on po-rno movies and those bad men did many bad things with her body. In the end, he was given his own daughter to have s-ex with. That's how he was able to find her. It shows that these bad people own brothels all over the world. As young as 6 years old girls were kidnapped and sold in this business. Mostly girls were Russians. Some young boys were also forced in this for g-ay men.

    One of lady agents from ICE (Dept. of Homeland Security) went undercover to bust this gang. She was passionate about her job as she was the victim of this kind of rape herself as her own uncle used to rape her repeatedly when she was 10 yrs old. Though she did tell to her father, but rather than listening to her, her father blamed her by saying that she was a bad girl and he did nothing to protect her from se-xual abuses. She was originally from Russia.

    Anyway, in order to bust this gang, she had to look like a mail order bride from Russia, which she did just that. She was Russian decent, so it was not a problem for her to speak Russian. Somehow she got them in the end. It was a very good documentary.

    The beat is great on the site that you quoted above. The Russian ch-icks or $$$ look so great on my 42" LCD plasma monitor . For a while, my whole room seemed to be so hot (ohh..chacha..ohh la la.) even in this chilly weather. No need me to say that I myself was perspiring in this chilly weather .

    For a second, I thought Paris Hilton is in there with soap foam and wet car, but I got disappointed. I would have been more pleased to see her as I'm a great admirer of her. Sorry to have a nas-ty mind on this. But I think we all think "wild" at time being a human being, isn't it? So long I'm not touching any "good", I think my "hands" are remained clean. Am I right?

    Few days ago, I was about to buy Brittany Spear's used (wore) panty thru e-bay for $15,000. She placed that for auction to help hurricane Katrina victims. It's good that I did not buy it because thru one of chat-line sites I was able to find out that her panty doesn't contain any "love juice" or "material" as "very important stuff" got disappeared in few days from her panty once she gave her panty to e-bay people. Someone in those chatline bought her b-ra, so he posted this information. So naturally, there was no use for me to buy it. I mean-what is use of have her panty without any spice on it; otherwise anyone can buy new one if they have visual fetish of it?

    Anyway, I was buying to help the victims, but at the same time I wanted to fantasize about a beautiful woman thru it. However, I'm not a fan of Brittany though. Hey guys, forgive me for all this. I'm a human being too. Remember that? I think it's all Michael's fault as he talk too much about na-sty things.

    Michael, do you get commission for promoting "goods" from Russia? I've seen you having vital knowledge on Russian "goods". Good job. Keep bringing it more.

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    would you be on this board whining and complaining if those girls were your neighbors and were here illegally?

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    Did you notice how the girls treated the man in the video? That was my concern. He is pretty hot too.Maybe I am becoming ***.

    SAMMY; You mention how girls are used for s-e-x. In reality, it is the other way around. Girls use s-e-x. This is a well documented fact.

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    s3x always sells, who doesn't know that? those girls don't have hot bods for cheap!

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    Everyone Loves Michael; I love illegal Russian girls

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