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Thread: Russian Girls

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    Do you get commission on viewing?
    Just kidding

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    was that paris hilton with a burger washing that hummer???

  5. #5
    That is the hottest video I have ever seen; much better than t.A.T.u.; those phonies

  6. #6
    would you be on this board whining and complaining if those girls were your neighbors and were here illegally?

  7. #7
    Did you notice how the girls treated the man in the video? That was my concern. He is pretty hot too.Maybe I am becoming ***.

    SAMMY; You mention how girls are used for s-e-x. In reality, it is the other way around. Girls use s-e-x. This is a well documented fact.

  8. #8
    s3x always sells, who doesn't know that? those girls don't have hot bods for cheap!

  9. #9
    Everyone Loves Michael; I love illegal Russian girls

  10. #10
    All women have just one part of the anatomy that makes them women, and thats the one thing that all men want. Thats all men wake up in the morning thinking about and think about before they go to bed, provided they are normal.

    Having said that, what difference is it between a Russian girl's part, American, Mexican and so on?

    The only difference is that one is easier to get to than the other, simple and to the point. A man's policy is always to get it the easiest.

    So Michael, whats the link between getting this sweetness from a Russian or a Mexican or American? Whats the main obsession with Russian for you? Are you sick or whats wrong with you?

    You need to start looking closer to your house, your neighbor, your town; otherwise we will tell you like that guy on the movie: THE 40 YEAR OLD V IRGIN and I quote:

    "Stop putting the p*ssy on a pedestal."

    FYI, you need to get one person and do them all you want otherwise jumping from place to place will get you sick at some point, you know what I mean?

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