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Thread: IE, tell us if you still stick to yourself!

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    immortale is a pure M O R O N...this fool predicted that enforcement-only has a chance of passing..he claim hat HR4437 has a chance of passing, but if you speak to expert in washington, they will all tell you that HR4437 is dead, this bill was gunned-down once those large rallies started mobilizing and priest all across america told people that good samaritans will be put in jail for giving a migrant a cup of water..comprehensive immigration reform is the only legislation that stand a chance of passing.

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    I thought he predicted a massive amnesty soon after all the bills fail this Spring !

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    immortale claims that they will be a massive deportation order, then, people will realize how bad it divides family, then a large amnesty will occur..i do not think america has the gut to lunch a massive deportation order and this is why HR4437 is ice cold and wont be enacted.

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    H.R. 4437 is a bill with a thousand problems, both legal and moral in nature. I've heard many officials and personalities say that deporting all illegal aliens is simply impossible. It would require billions and billions of dollars just to remove them, and that's assuming that 25% of them depart voluntarily at their own expense. These figures do not include costs of any criminal proceedings that would be required under the House bill. Many experts also argue that, because of the 4th amendment, these efforts could take decades and would be hindered by multiple restrictions imposed by the Courts. Simply a ridiculous idea that bears no consideration.
    INA needs to be turned into an efficient, dynamic and efficient instrument of law. It appears however that there's no intention to do that.
    IMHO, H.R. 4437 was killed by the House the moment they included the criminalization of illegal presence.

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    What more do you need to know?


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