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Thread: Alien registration number

  1. #1
    Where can I find my alien registration number? I was married in the
    US, and then got divorced, and moved out. Now I am going to marry
    again, and they asked me for my previous alien registration number,
    and I do not have it anymore. Where do I call to find it out, or
    write? Thanks.

  2. #2
    what was ur status before? or what is ur status now? the A# is on ur green card u have one?if u do just look at the card and it's on top under the name (INS A# xx-***-***)

  3. #3
    I had a conditional Green Card for two years, obviously, I do not
    have it anymore, so I can't look at anything. We divorced and I went home.
    If I had it, I would not have asked.

  4. #4 u have any letters from the immigration?usually when u recieve ur green card u recieve a welcome letter from uscis ...or any letter from then should have ur A#.... if not then the only thing i can think of is to go to ur local office and ask them that question,, u will give them ur full name and ur date of birth and they will run it in the system and finds out about the A#

  5. #5
    r u an immigrant? if yes .then the A# should be on ur passport as well

  6. #6
    don't worry about it. You will be barred for immigrastion fraud so save your money.

  7. #7
    mind your own business little punk

  8. #8
    Originally posted by SonofMichael:
    don't worry about it. You will be barred for immigrastion fraud so save your money.
    immigration fraud? I do not think so. I married, we got divorced, I
    left the country directly afterwards, it was three years ago, now I
    am going to marry again, and we applied for a fiancee visa, and they
    asked for a previous alien registration number, which I can't find. I
    do not thin that it's a fraud. But I think that I will get you, after
    I marry, for slurs and libel. The money you will pay us will be
    welcome in our new household. We won't save, we'll have a little spree on yours.

  9. #9
    registr ,,ignore michael man,,he's like that with everyone...ok wait a min,,so ur out of the u.s ?oooh ok i didnt know that..iam sorry .i thought u were still in the country and thats why i was telling to look for letters and this and u need the number for the question on the i-130 form right?

  10. #10
    yes, I am out. I never knew I would ever need this number. I just
    divorced, and went home, and then met my fiance, and we applied for a
    K visa for me, that is, a foreign fiance, and they asked me if I ever
    had an alien registration number, and I said "yes", and now they say
    that they will not proceed with me if I do not tell them the number.
    It was long ago, I don't have any papers left from them, where can I
    find that number? I did not think that it was relevant, and never kept
    The embassy told me to come back with the number. I have no idea where people are looking for them.

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