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Thread: **** me the I-751 at Vermont jumped from Aug 02 to Nov 02 in less than a month

  1. #1
    some one must of lit a fire under their huge wide-load zit filled asses for the USCIS to move this fast!!!!!!!!!

  2. #2
    some one must of lit a fire under their huge wide-load zit filled asses for the USCIS to move this fast!!!!!!!!!

  3. #3
    Paddy, that's a real eyecatcher of a topic

  4. #4
    What do you look like?
    Height, weight,fitness?
    I'll think about it after you reply.

    Thanx in advance

  5. #5
    With that display of respect it's no wonder CIS is so motivated. Gee, could it be that the people are overworked and understaffed and Congress doesn't want to give the funds for new personnel (fyi, Congress has to approve for the hiring of new people.....not replacement people but brand NEW slots).

  6. #6
    wo Paddy

    We wont even discuss it.


    Any explanation for suddent jump for vermont who has not really moved like this in 15 months?
    Just curious

  7. #7
    I competely agree that BCIS employees deserve more respect and I think Paddy's comments were way out of line. They do a difficult job and are overworked and underpayed. However, each side must consider the situation of the other. A BCIS employee goes to work, does his job, than punches out and goes home to live his life.

    Where BCIS employees are simply doing thier jobs, the people on the other end have a whole lot more at stake. If thier application or petition takes 3 1/2 years to process, then that is 3 1/2 years of thier life that has been spent waiting. If a small mistake made by a BCIS employee sets someone's "case" back by another couple of years, than it is a little unreasonable to expect that person not to be a little bitter. You could say "They are immigrants and coming here is a privelage anyway, so they should be happy to wait." But the reality is that such a long time away from loved ones can be detrimental. I'm not saying that either side has a right to blame the other for the problems. I'm just saying that we can't go blaming our attitudes on the other side.
    Have a nice day

  8. #8
    My biggest beef with USCIS is that there seemed to be very little cross check and control in place for an agency with so much power and far reaching consequences for their action. Not to mention the ppl they served are pretty much powerless against them with very little recourse to counter USCIS mistake.
    THe IRS used to be like that before the major overhaul that shift the burden of proof to them in the late 90s. Now, the only archaic agency left is USCIS.

    Of course, the most common excuse is "we're lacking in manpower, we're underfunded, understaff, we've to double check every case back to 2000, etc". It stil doesn't explain the random approvals, the significant difference in processing times between the service centers, the general lack of knowledge of IIO, etc. Maybe its a good thing for applicants that USCIS are now being outsourced to consultants. At the very least, it should provide a fresh breath of hope, albeit it might remains as hope until something concrete materialize.

  9. #9
    I agree with BronzeLady on this:

    We all have a tendency to seek for the "little guys" and blame everything on them.

    CIS and its employees are doing their job, and I don't know if I, or anyone else here, would do a better job in similar circumstances.

    It is indeed up to Congress to make FY appropriations, and it is up to congressional policymakers to come up with solutions that would set the entire process on different tracks.

    For some reason there is NO motivation, no drive for adressing these issues.

    It could be that there are much more important, urgent National problems to be solved.
    Or, may be it is all due to the difficulty of reaching an agreement on Immigration issues?
    Or, may be it simply doesn't bother at all those lawmakers who have a power to do something about it?

    Whatever the real cause is, people suffer, as Gluhbirne said.

    We are all in some way trapped in whatever situation we find ourselves in, be it BCIS employee on one side, or impatiently waiting Beneficiary on the other.

    And there is little anyone of you can do, other than WAIT.

    Good luck to you all.

  10. #10

    u crack me up...


    never saw such thing in original

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