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Thread: Asylum Adjustment Status (I-485). Seeking advice of what's next after 2nd fingerprint

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    Could someone be so kind giving me some advice or if anybody have any knowledge, or have similiar situation like me. Your valuable inputs, information and advice is greatly appreciated. And here is my situation.

    1) I was granted asylum on October 30, 2002.

    2) My appplication I-485 was processed at Nebraska Service Center. All documents was filed through immigration lawyer in San Francisco, CA.

    3) Received notice from USCIS to be fingerprinted at Application Support Center in San Francisco on 07/13/2004-- Done.

    4) Checked staus online at USCIS website stated "On July 16, 2004, the results of your fingerprint review for your I485 were received, and processing has resumed on your case. We will mail you notice if further action is needed, or when a decision is made.

    5)Decemebr 01, 2005, I received notice from USCIS asking me for another fingerprinting (biometrics)-- That means my second time to be fingerprinted. I looked at the code next to the receipt number it stated code "3". Meaning for both fingerprinting and biometrics.

    6) Checked case status online on USCIS, stated that on " 12/02/2005, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case. The notice explains in detail what additional material is needed."

    I really confused why they asked me to be fingerprinted for the second time. What kind of evidence that they need? Last but not least, what's next? Please... please someone help me!

    Thank you very much..

  2. #2
    hi there.

    my wife and i are in the same boat too. we applied for LIFE under I-485 in April 2001 and late amnesty under I-687 in July 2004 and every 16 to 18 months we would get a notice to get a new set of biometrics. we've had several sets of biometrics done now for the I-485 (April 2001, October 2002, April 2004, and October 2005) and two sets of biometrics for the I-687 (July 2004 and December 2005). all in all, CIS has six sets of my biometrics and my wife's. and we still haven't heard anything yet!

    does this make sense?


  3. #3
    Hi Murray, I was granted Asylum in 97 and I applied for GC in 1999....I got my GC in 2004. It took 5 years, they asked me for my finger print in May 94 then I got a letter of approval in June at this point it is taking about 5 years to get GC....I know some people who were asked to do finger print twice or more like yours. I believe they are asking this to every one but your current date for green card is at least couple more years. My advice for you is just continue with your daily life, stay away from any crime.....the date will come before you know it. You are lucky to be granted Asylum........that is the most important part.

    God bless

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    why they asked me to be fingerprinted for the second time. What kind of evidence that they need? Last but not least, what's next? Please... please someone help me!


    Do not panic. Most likely they are going to ask you to send some additional information such as travel dates and copies of your RTD. Have you travelled at all after you were granted Asylum? They randomly do that. Your case may also be transferred to your local USCIS office. Your approval is very near. Most of Asylees had to wait 5 to 7 years to get theird green cards. Consider yourself lucky.

    For additional information you can visit asylee forum at


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    Dear Copper, Efrem & Honkycat,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my e-mail. Your inputs is greatly appreciated. Copper, your kind words is absolutely help me to go through my daily life even better.

    As for Efrem, your words of encouragement is needed at times like this and I'll always keep telling myself how lucky I am for being able to be granted as Asylum.

    Honkycat, sorry to hear about your situation and your wife. I pray that you and your wife case will soon get approved. We're all in the same boat and we need to stay focus, patience and have faith that soon all of our case will be approved.

    Once again, thank you all and have a great holiday seasons and may all of our wish will come true.

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