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Thread: Fraud Filipina mail order bride from Philippines

  1. #1
    beware of Filipina mail order bride.

  2. #2
    beware of Filipina mail order bride.

  3. #3
    What is her status now? How long were they married?

  4. #4
    she was with him for a less than a year and plan to get divorce.

  5. #5
    after less than a year that she was with him,she started to stayed to one of her friends house and live there for almost a 2 yrs.from now.and according to her she dont wanna apply for divorce settlement and she wants only to be seperated with him.but she can do whatever she wants.and up right now she got her residency!
    and she tell a lot of lies that she is Single and never been married.

  6. #6
    So, she already has her green card with the conditions removed? That's a kicker because this does sound fishy. If she only stayed with him 1/2 year, why did he go ahead with the process to make her legal?? He had plenty of time (it seems) to stop the process - if, indeed, he thought he was being scammed.

  7. #7
    yes he was being scammed!

  8. #8
    is there any chance to send her a notify?????

  9. #9
    i mean notify or notes from the immigration?
    she better be stop!

  10. #10
    If she already has her permanent green card, I don't think there's much he can do - other than get a divorce and move on. He has some accountability too. Sounds like he knew she was on the take and still followed through with the paperwork, interviews, removal of conditions, etc. I know love is blind, but sometimes it takes a wake up call to be smarter about it.

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