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Thread: Pro Bono Criminal Attorney needed in NYC URGENTLY

  1. #1
    My roomate needs a cheap attorney in NYC urgently any help appreciated

  2. #2
    My roomate needs a cheap attorney in NYC urgently any help appreciated

  3. #3
    How about a first year law student ???? I'll volunteer my great services; what did the loser do ? How is it that you know so many criminals Aguila ? Birds of a feather; flock together

  4. #4
    I need a cheap immi attorney in TN that knows what they're doing, basically for an in depth consultation. (Aguila, hope you don't mind me "piggy backing".) Anyone have ideas?

  5. #5

    His freaking ex-eastern european girlfriend is giving him a hard time, she betrayed him with a nyc cop and I believe they are trying to set him up..., he already got a laywer but I think it'll be a lot of $$$$$$$

  6. #6
    He doesnt need a lawyer; he needs ME ! Have him call me PRONTO; email me

    We'll fix her commie *** !

  7. #7
    Hit her hard; hit her fast; hit her with everything; Sue for annullment, Sue for fraud sue lots of cash; hide all assets in friends accounts; sell off assets and hide the cash; contact BCIS; have someone threaten to expose cops bribe taking; go on the offense !!!!

  8. #8

    I think you misread the thread. The words were "pro Bono" not pro boner.

  9. #9
    Nut : we are talking about aguilizing her!!!

  10. #10

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