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Thread: filed for I -751 on June 07 Texas Center..... what is going on?

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    Ok, I filed on June 01 2007, USCIS send me a NOA dated June 6 2007. On 7/10/2007 they send me the biometric app. for August 11 2007. since then I have no heard anything... but people is complaining because they said that after July most cases were transfer to California... and they are being process faster that the ones that still on Texas... Is that truth??? does anyone knows where am I supposed to hear back from USCIS?
    Is it truth that cases still pending from January on Texas?

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    I-751 takes 1-2 years to process. Great English by the way.

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    No one asked you about my English you moron! ??? If you are here just to make fun why don't you go **** your self!

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    imailin, it may take atleast 1 year if not more considering the huge backlog created by fee increase.

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    no thats not true,,and ur the only trash on here sonofmichael,,the i-751 is been taking 6 month to process ,,7 to 8 the most ,,,but if it's in california,,then it should take 6 months

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    yea, right; you're an expert. I know people who wait 3-4 years regardless of what the processing time says. But to me, its obvious ths person is a fraud and will be denied anyway.

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    no iam an not an expert,,but i know at least twice as much as u know u piece of ****,,,and how did u know if hes fraud or not u stupid retarted?and 3-4 years is not true,,in some cases it may take 2 years or more bbcoz the applicant well answer some questions incorrectly or they didnt sent all the supporting documents or bcoz of some kind of a mistake on the form,,it could be anyhing,,but not that long,,,imailin try to call ur congress man's office and get them involved,,they have acces at the local offices and the service center's ,,,iam sure they can find out what's going on for u,,,at least u well know what's going on,,dont wait man,,,do it,,and dont call the 800# bcoz its worthless,,the'r some idiots liars who gives false information like this retarted sonofmichael,,,dont waste ur time talking to them

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    Hello Imalin

    I am going to assume that you filed at the Texas service you did not tell us where you filed.

    Go to the left box on the screen and choose processing times. choose texas serv center and form 751. you will see what they are processing. do the same for california if that is where it was sent. it appears that they are taking about 6 or 7 months to process at this time. It appears that you should hear something by January or Feb 2008. just check the processing times monthly for updates.

    Processing times of applications depend on what service center that alien files at. In the past some service centers were taking up to 3 years to process 751. in fact some citizenship applictions were up for interview b4 the 751. This was all thanks to 245i amnesty that overburdoned the uscis. Once uscis started outsourcing to other serv. centers, the 751 got alleviated and has normal processing times.

    You should never ever call your congressman to get involved in checking your case unless it is far outside of the processing times from uscis.

    Just be patient... you will get there, unless of course you get called 4interview.. then that will be another wait

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