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Thread: E3 Australia

  1. #1
    Hi group- has anyone been granted an E3 Aussie visa yet and any tips to watch out for? Anyone in the process of applying - can the standard LCA be used?


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    Hi group- has anyone been granted an E3 Aussie visa yet and any tips to watch out for? Anyone in the process of applying - can the standard LCA be used?


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    E3 Update - applied for E3 visa at US consulate in Sydney today. Standard LCA form annotated "E3 - Australia - To Be Processed" is NOT acceptable. Please note that many web sites from lawyers in the US suggest this is OK, not so. The US consulate will process 'awaiting' the new LCA that is being created by US authorities, but will not issue visa until the new form is presented. However they will accept a fax copy of the LCA as processed in the US. Have fun!

  4. #4
    Hi Colin

    I think you will find more information and response to your questions at

    Please keep us updated here though, as some of us are interested in the Australia thing.


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    Update - there are two forms of LCA! One is electronic and cant be used, the 9035 not being electronic can be used if annotated correctly. However right now a new electronic form is in the process of being created. So, if you have the 9035 you may have a chance of getting the visa, otherwise you need to file the 9035, or new electronic form (not available as of today) and wait for the paper to be processed. I've no idea how long these manual forms take, but can assume that very few, id any, E3s have been issued right now. Anyone have any idea of how long the manual form takes?

  6. #6
    From my partner, today 28th Sept.... 1st issue of E3?
    In my interview the chap said I had now met all the requirements to be issued the E-3 visa BUT, the certified form number syntax is different to what they were expecting. As I am the first E-3 visa the consulate is issuing, he did not want to issue it incorrectly. I made the point that there was no solution here, as the information was correct and will not change and if resubmitted and recertified will come out with a number of similar syntax - presumably, ie nothing more I can do so the visa should be issued.

    He kept my documents and said that the visa should be issued before Friday and they will give me a phone call when it is done - it is just internal administration.

    Enjoy :-)

  7. #7
    Hm... 'issued before Friday' - well Thursday has gone and no news. Which Friday do you think they were pointing too :-)

  8. #8
    thanks so much for posting this Colin. please keep us updated. this is invaluable information!

    you can apply for the E3 in Canada now but who is going to be brave enough to be the first. being the united states government, you just know they are going to screw something up for the first few unlucky people!

  9. #9
    Hm... 'issued before Friday' - well Friday has gone and no news.

    Public holiday in NSW on Monday, so we wait for Tuesday. Will update as soon as I hear. It would be nice to know if anyone else has applied???

  10. #10
    Tuesday, Wednesday.... sent email Tuesday and still awaiting reply. Clearly this E3 is causing some concern at the US consulate in Sydney. How can it be so difficult - the regulations as per the US consulate WEB site have been met, their staff agree and still a problem.........

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