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    Danbury CT, 17 minutes ago, Immigrant protestors scuffled with counter demonstrators in a rally for immigrant rights and amnesty. Mounted police broke up the confrontation but not until three people had to be hospitalized... developing

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    Danbury CT, 17 minutes ago, Immigrant protestors scuffled with counter demonstrators in a rally for immigrant rights and amnesty. Mounted police broke up the confrontation but not until three people had to be hospitalized... developing

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    Miami, FL, 10 minutes ago, Immigrant protestors confronted a police line in front of immigration offices and there were reports of injuries as they clashed. In other parts of the city, there were reports of fires and looting.

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    Atlanta, GA, 30 minutes ago, Police used pepper spray to turn protestors away from marching on immigration offices after they refused to dispel peacefully. Several store windows were smashed and small fires were set.

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    Chicago, IL, 12 minutes ago, Police on horseback charged an unruly crowd of immigrant protestors when they started smashing car windows and attacking passerbys. The crowd was estimated at 10,000. Ambulances were seen headed for the area and hospitals have been put on alert for incoming wounded.

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    Well everything is pretty peaceful here in my town. We have lots of immigrants who were given amnesty in 1986. I think most of them like it here and don't feel inclined to hurt our economy. Our town is pretty nice to them we have signs in spanish so that they know which parking lots are for public parking. I saw one or two restaurants that closed for the day, but other than that things look pretty normal!

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    New York, NY, 12 minutes ago, A massive crowd of unruly protestors collected between City Hall and Federal Plaza Immigration Offices. There were reports of widespread damage to stores in the areas and random attacks on people that the crowd was calling "gringo." Mayor Bllomberg had to be evacuated from his office out of concerns for his safety. Several police were injured and treated at area hospitals. Police helicopters have begun flying low over the demonstration to monitor the situation while police reinforcements were being called in to subdue the protests.

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    Las Angeles - 5 minutes ago, Thousands of immigrants rioted in downtown to protest laws that would make them illegal. Stores have been looted and burned. Ambulances sent to help the injured have been attacked and overturned. Fires were being set throughtout the city....developing

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    2 minutes ago. PUERTO RICO shut down . Coincidence on May 1st? Thats 200,000 Puerto Rican government workers getting screwed out of a paycheck. they are not happy. Rumor has it that Michael of ILW is responsible for this and they looking for you as we speak! Run Forest Run

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    Thousands gather for marches, rallies around Colorado

    May 1, 2006


    Associated Press Writer

    DENVER (AP) -- Wearing symbolic white and waving both American and Mexican flags, thousands of people gathered at a Denver park Monday for a march and rally they hope will help demonstrate the economic power of immigrants -- illegal and legal -- across the country.

    Melanie Lugo was at the park with her husband, Manuel Quesada, and their daughter, third-grader Nadine Lugo. They said the girl's school had encouraged students to stay in class, but they believed it was more important to march to the state Capitol.

    "Because these are her people," Melanie Lugo said as the crowd grew to a reporter-estimated 3,000 to 4,000. A business manager for a general contractor, Melanie Lugo said she believed the national show of unity would have a positive effect on legislation in Congress addressing illegal immigration.

    "We are the backbone of what America is, legal or illegal it doesn't matter," she said. "We butter each other's bread. They need us as much as we need them."

    From Alamosa to Greeley, from Grand Junction to Fort Morgan, schools, restaurants and other businesses planned to run with skeleton crews or to shut down for at least part of the day. Some of the nation's largest meatpacking companies are planning to pare production or shut down entire plants, including facilities in Fort Morgan and Greeley.

    Events were planned across the country, with big turnouts expected in Los Angeles and other large cities. Organizers expected the Denver rally to be at least as large as one downtown on March 25 that drew 50,000 people, including many legal residents and citizens.

    Term-limited Republican Gov. Bill Owens won't attend any immigration events Monday, spokesman Dan Hopkins said, and he had no comment on the fact that some people were staying out of work to protest. He said Owens believes people have a right to voice their opinion.

    The doors of Hector Castillo's bakery are usually open 360 days a year, but anybody looking for his Mexican pastries or cookies was out of luck Monday. For Castillo, 45, it's a protest against legislation in the U.S. House that would make it a felony to be an illegal immigrant.

    "About 80 percent of our customers are Latin people, most of them Mexican, and the proposed law will affect all of us," he said.

    El Centro Humanitario, a nonprofit agency in Denver that helps day laborers, was closed because its managers were organizing the rally. Program development director Harold Lasso said about 60 people showed up looking for work and they were sent to help with rally preparations.

    There was little change at Labor Finders, a temporary labor office with several branches in the Denver area, spokesman Tim Kaffer said.

    "The people who come in here really can't afford to take a day off," he said. "Their daily pay just takes care of their hotel and food."

    Denver-area contractor Chuck Saxton, who hires temporary workers through El Centro Humanitario, said he suspected some of his crews have been illegal immigrants.

    "I'm going to go to support them. These guys come here, they work hard and they're honest. They're salt of the earth," Saxton said. "They provide a vibrancy to our economy and our country that is fading."

    Colorado's three Roman Catholic bishops came out against the "Day Without Immigrants," saying walkouts can "hurt many business owners and employers who already support fair immigration reform." They urged students to stay in school.

    Former legislator Polly Baca, executive director of the Latin American Research and Service Agency, said her group and others were not recommending that people leave their jobs without their employers' permission.

    The state Labor Department does not track the numbers of immigrants working in Colorado. According to 2002 figures, the latest available, there were about 390,000 Hispanic workers around the state, about 17 percent of the work force, agency spokesman Bill Thoennes said.

    "With a work force that size, if half of the work force was gone, it would have to be a sizable impact," he said.

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