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I need help! Wife received conditional Green Card June 2017 and left home 6 weeks later. She took all the receipts from the USCIS and green card with her . She does not have enough evidence to show that this was a bonafide marriage,all she has with her is 2 months of joint bank statement and 1 year tax return. Her conditional Green card expires June 2019. Please help me or atleast point me into the right direction as to what canI do to prevent her from getting her !10year Green card. Should I hire an attorney ? Should I divorce her ? Should I put an annulment on the marriage ? I have written a letter to the USCIS that she has left my home and also filed a poilice report stating she left for no reason with out a single dispute. Any legal suggestion is higly appreciated.
You cannot "prevent" her from getting anything. That is between her and the government. Just because a marriage fell apart doesn't mean it wasn't originally bona fide. She can apply for Removal of Conditions by herself on the basis of divorce. Just divorce and move on.