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Thread: about deportation....

  1. #1
    How come,sometimes "regular" people are being deported for "silly" things...and ALL the Illegal Immigrants,mostly from mexico,are not being sent home and now being granted to stay here and pay a fine.
    Here is my question...if someone is in this country legally,pays taxes and everyhting else,but his,lets say "green card is conditional" that person should be the last one being deported,even if he came here under false reasons.I am saying is,sure the person who came under false reason and all,should be prostecuted as well.But compared to someone who Illegaly enetered this country,so broke the law,and is a criminal.pays no tax and uses all benefits,while being free here,without having to worry about being deported.I don't get it...or do Illegals get denial letters from INS and facing the I Judge?
    its a joke...any illegal immigrant,can walk around and say " hey i am came here illgeally,I pay no tax etc and nothing happens to him "....

  2. #2
    Well my husband is here illegally (Well not exactly he had a work permit, etc) and we pay taxes on a monthly basis (we have our own business). Just recently his work permit was not renewed (that part of his case was "administratively closed") since his order of deportation was reinstated (Although he was originally ordered deported in 92 and it was upheld and he was deported in 94). So we were trying to do things the correct way. BUT I do understand what you mean! I work in the school system and these families get alot of benefits and they are here illegal! So it ****s because you try to do things the right way and you are kicked to the curb and denied everything but when you lie everything is handed to you on a silver platter!

  3. #3
    There is no perfect justice even in immigration. I'm reminded of one Cuevas family in Fremont, California. They were a decent, religious and nice Filipino family who lived in the US for 20 years. The children were raised and educated in the US; spoke fluent English just like any American kid. They went to college and university. They paid their taxes. They have a house and cars. They never commmitted any crime. After several appeas for help reaching the Congress, Senators, media, they were still deported back to the Philippines two years ago...after 20 long years. The father's only offense: He overstayed. They are now barred for 10 years before they could re-enter the US.

  4. #4
    No one is granted to stay here by paying a fine yet.

  5. #5
    Perhaps question is asked who deserve to stay or not. The Cuevas family from Fremont, California deserved to stay after 20 years in the US without violating anything other than the poor dad's overstay who was forced to do this for the family. Compare this to many who only cross the border with nothing in their possession; then they now have the chance to be legalized.

  6. #6
    if these dirt***** cannot obey simple laws, get rid of them. No excuses, no phony marriages, no pleas of "gosh, I didn't know..."...ship everyone of these leeches back to their own country.

  7. #7
    You should be sent to the border and guard. Or you may re-active the KKK in your place.

  8. #8
    It is too costly to deport all of them, can't you count?

    There is a difference between overstays and those who sneaked here through the desert or sewer pipe. That's true.

    But if question is "who deserves to stay here" without taking anything else into consideration, then the answer is no one, because they all of them are equally illegal.

  9. #9
    illegal is illegal,whether they cheated and lied to get a visa or sneaked over the border...they are all dirtbags and should be sent

  10. #10
    This Someone is only 12 years old. Give him a break.

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