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Thread: Support...

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    Dear All,

    What supporting documents should be filed along with the I-130 Petition?

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    Dear All,

    What supporting documents should be filed along with the I-130 Petition?

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    Well it all depends on what basis are you filing the I-130? I am making an assumption that you are filing a marraige based I-130 petition.

    With that you will file:

    Marraige license
    Birth Certifcates of both husband and wife
    Divorce documents if any prior to this marraige
    Other documents proving the bonafides of the marraige

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    Dear judy9334,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. Actualy as a LPR, I want to file for my wife and my son. I'm confused a bit. Should I file 2 separate petitions, or one for the wife which will include the son.
    My question was regarding financial support. Is this required, or not?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Make sure you add some wedding pictures with family members to support your bonafide marriage.

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    Yes you're going to need to file an I864 after the I130 is approved and you need to have enough income to support 3 people, go to to find out the minimum income required for you to sponsor them.

  7. #7
    Thank you jc. Are you serious about wedding pictures? Do they really require such things?

  8. #8
    No they don't but at least include some kind of documents proving your bonafide marriage, you can include travel tickets, family members notarized statements that you're really married and yes in your case you have a son so it shouldn't be a problem, your son is one of the strongest evidence.

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