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Thread: Federale's Immigrant Of The Day: Francis Hernandez of Guatamala

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    This dooshbag was probably driving a delivery truck for ProudUSC--she likes to hire illegals.
    And all those ethically challenged immigration attorneys who keep repeating the same tiresome mantra about how we should give driver's licenses to illegals because then they'll rush right out and buy auto insurance.....sure....

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    People like you who are immigration reform-averse have blood in your hands. 12 arrests, 12 aliases, and two BCs? Wow! A reform that's comprehensive enough is in order to smoke these criminals out of their trenches. Have them tried, convicted, sentenced, imprisoned for awhile, and made to sit in rows of thumb tacks as they're shipped home.

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    What good is immigration reform going to do? Why legaize 12M scumbags? Just to enrich immigration attorneys or add to the growing pool of $5 an hour workers? What we should do is stop tolerating illegal immigration completely...end all waivers just because a-wipes like this one marries some trailer park cow....stop allowing adjustment or changes of status, stop admitting people for 6 months and then grant them an extension to stay even longer (working without permission for ProudUSC and other so-called business people; when illegals are caught, say-o-nara....give them 'das boot' ...disallow any marriages to dumb Amcits by those who EWI into MY country and steal jobs, rob banks, cause car wrecks and even kill people)...yea, reform, but not the kind most whining weeping illegal alien supporters want...

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    But, yes, from the second line down to the last line of your post you have proposed some kind of reforms to our immigration system too - a clear admission that it's somewhat broken.

    The only thing is that not one, yes, not even one of your proposed changes would see the light of day at anytime in this life time. But the changes that CIR entail would. It's just a matter of time.

    You've been on this forum for nearly seven years now. I presume you could stay around three more.

    Wanna bet?

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    You are truly missing the point....ALL of my proposals would not cost a penny! Just more waivers means we don't have to have people adjudicating pleas from manatees, no more extensions means we don't have to waste resources rubber stamping Bee Ess applications...instant deportations means we don't have to have immigration judges wasting time deciding on whether or not to toss some dooshbag visa cheat or border jumper....and the cows can just move to whatever third world excrement hole they wish, if they are really 'in love.' We save money and rid our country of this blight on our society.

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    You might as well be talking to one of these RN...

    I gave up hope with S12 and fedNUT a looong time ago.
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."

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    You're missing the bigger point. As if it's easy enough to repeal the provisions that enshrined due process and equal protection guarantees of the Constitution and the provisions of INA. Who would do that? I mean, how to do that? Do you think that because there are marginal groups that oppose immigration it means that your faint noise can force or at least influence the government, that's run by vested-interest politicians too, to do what you wildly wish for?

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    I'm ok, Brit. One of my jobs back in the day was to teach children with special needs. Such background helps a whole lot.

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