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  1. #21
    If you never got in trouble with the law, then why are you here? Obviously you ARE in trouble with the law.

  2. #22
    He is in denial. I guess breaking immigration laws aren't really breaking laws.

  3. #23
    Hey mike - did the letter you receive explain the appeal process clearly? If mot, click on this link:

  4. #24
    mike - I'll try to help you search for this. Be back later.

  5. #25
    ok mike ignore the cowboy maliche

    whats your plan of action now. Now You need to file 751 waiver for bonafide marriage. Cant believe that idiot lawyer didnt tell you this in the first place. still in contact with first wife.. if so see if she kept copies of what was sent for joint petition. if not, FOIA filing should be able to get what was sent . copy of divorce decree must also be sent along with the filing fee pictures, proofs that the marriage was ongoing for the 2years after the conditional gc.

    Maybe just as well petion on 130 denied. cant have 2 petitons ongoing at same time. if this waiver gets denied, you can always file again under this marriage.

    you need good excuse for the late filing.. its not too late, but need experienced attorney in this matter. you should then receive new 1797 extending your card while it is being adjudicated and you will be able to cross border to come home and await decision.

    keep your chin up it will all work out. inshallah

  6. #26
    You see mike.. this is what i am talking about
    lack of knowlege in matters. does not matter that you are married again. besides, you will have to prove the first marriage was not a fraud anyway before they will approve adjustment on the current marriage. what better way to prove it than having an approved 751 waiver on the first marriage.

    I already told you not to worry about the 90 day thing. this happens more than you know. you can prepare the 751 waiver yourself or your wife thats not the prob. You need an experienced lawyer that has filed late 751 before... thats all.

    humanatarian parole is way off base and not related to your issues. YOu are in another country becuase you do not posess proper documentation to leave to come to usa . file your waiver and get 797 extending you until you are adjudicated.. either approved or denied.<span class="ev_code_RED">either way the 797 will give you status to come home</span>

    You can appeal the i130 and will have to withdraw the package for adjustment if you file 751. stop wasting time on bs like things that dont really pertain to you. start doing research with shusterman or lawyers for questions. no time to deal with amateurs and do gooders advice right now. this is advanced immigration stuffs.

    then again... if there is something u not telling us about 1st marriage situation...if probablilty of fraud being indicted. talk man

  7. #27
    one more thing... did your wife file affidavit of support with the adjustment package for you with the i129? if not, then that was one of the reason for denials

    Also.. be aware that you will need a new sponser for the new 751 waiver.. as your other case is closed (the joint petition)

    Keep in mind that new aos will not get you home.. i797 extending you for 1 year will let you cross the border

  8. #28
    ok back up here..

    whats this about the judge and you withdrawing a petiton of admission???? what did you withdraw and why?

  9. #29
    i understand you went to mexico blah blah

    were you turned over to ice in the states? and went before the ij in the states?

    AGAIN what petiton did you withdraw ???? did you withdraw the i751 ?????? Who told you to withdraw petiton..


  10. #30
    ok first.. you said you were in detention for 43 days. ice in states or what..

    Do you realize what the ij was going to do for you ?? he was going to adjudicate your 751 right there as a favor for your situation. all that had to be filed was the 751 waiver because you were divorced at the time.

    did you have a written petition for admission to USA? if so and that is truly what you did withdraw, then you still had in your possesion the i797 extension and greencard that would have let you cross the border. thats what that was about. but you stayed and did not attempt to cross again

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