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    Why denied Mike_2007?? What did it say why you were denied for I130?

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    mike_2007 - you have the right to appeal - so you shouldn't give up!!!! It's not over, because you still have an avenue open to you. I understand you are frustrated, but please try to calm down so that you have a clear head. Go for the appeal - what can it hurt????

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    Did you send all the documents they requested? Did you reply to all their requests for additional info and evidence? For what you wrote, they're denying your 130 for failure to prosecute it, meaning they think you didn't care about it no more.

    Get yourself a lawyer make an informed decision... There's always hope.


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    Hi mike, sorry to hear that...I can understand that you feel the way you do at the moment. Well, the good news is: it can't get much worse.

    What does your lawyer say?

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    Can you send me the videotape of you in bed with your wife?

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    From the gibberish he wrote, I believe he was denied because of suspected marriage fraud in the earlier marriage. Its interesting that he never brings this up. They never questioned him on the earlier marriage? I don't believe that. Just tell us, did they accuse you of marriage fraud; yes or no?

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    sorry mike to hear this..

    no everybody doenst know your story and i cannot find it b/c it looks like you are in a lot of threads. it is wiser to have one thread going about the same topic and just update that topic . this way the big picture is there and you can get more accurate help and info.

    I found one thread that said you were in custody but not deported or given voluntary departure.
    what does that mean and that you are not in this country? So what does that mean? they said go home and act like you were not here?? i dont think so.

    Stop harping on "my marriage is real and a ton of papers was sent and focus on exactly what was asked for when they requested information.
    if your wife is not capable of this , then have her go to catholic social services to assist her in order to comply with the request made from uscis. You are nickling and diming and now it has cost you a denial.

    Have her find out what was missing and appeal.

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    Yes, that is what he is doing; he is doing a tap dance around the truth. Forget askng for appeal and providing more information. He needs to tell us straight out if they accused him or found that he committed marriage fraud in the earlier marriage; a simple yes or no will suffice. Only then can we give "good advices". The tap dancing doesnt help.

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    wo wo

    back up here. I told you I couldnt find your case in archives..what is this about you had a green card already and a pending 751??? give me the link for your story or tell me short version with details.

    timeline that is approximately .. starting with first marriage where u obtained greencard,

    reason i ask is there is memo to I/o adjudicating i-130 to deny suspect i-130 petitions and not to leave it to i485 adjucicators to catch the fraud if it appears.

    Was USCIS asking for affidavit of support I-864?

    dont give up hope here.. need accuracy and sounds like yur wife could not handle this paperwork and should have used attorney.

    will wait for link for thread on ilw or your timeline of facts.

    Michael be nice. and show respect

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