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Thread: Citizenship eligibility cretaria of 3yrs or 5years

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    Hello everybody - I am a US citizen and my wife can apply for citizenship after 3years as far I know. She has two sons 12 and 18. Her 12 year old automatically becomes US citizen right after she does. How about the 18 year old? When his green card was granted he was 18 and they came here on K-3 and K-4 visas. When he can apply for citizenship? Please advise!!!!!!!!!

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    peter this side from Canada. The things mentioned here are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone. Thanks for the useful information. Its really helpful for everyone.

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    I think he has to wait 5 years.

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    Don't forget to take those kids to our schools, paid with our taxes, and all the freebie she and her lot can get.

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    Indeed, the 18 year old has to wait the full five years. He's legally an adult and isn't eligible for derivative citizenship.

    Applications can be made 90 days before the 3 or 5 year anniversary (it goes by the date on the green card).
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    Thanks Everybody for your kind advice!!!!!!! I do appreciate very much.

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    Originally posted by NO AMNESTY!!!:
    Don't forget to take those kids to our schools, paid with our taxes, and all the freebie she and her lot can get.
    The poster, his wife and kids are all legal . . . maybe you should have spent more time in school. Seems like you have trouble with reading comprehension.

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    Hi Billy K,
    Yes, the 18 year old has to wait until 5 years as a permanent resident. Just wanted to mention something about applying 90 days early for citizenship-I was following some posts at on this topic. If you live in an area where the citizenship process is going fast, be careful. There were several people at the above mentioned site who applied at 90 days and their application was processed so fast that they were called for their interview before they had their 3 or 5 years in and the application was rejected. Guy from st. louis said he lost his $675 filing fee as well.

  9. #9
    you are officially allowed to file after 4 yrs and 8 months
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

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    That's 4yrs and 9 months I think Mohan because that's what I did. What Astird says above is also true. They are processing Natz cases quite fast in some areas (unlike mine which took 28 months!) so make sure you are past the 3 or 5yr anniversary before the interview.
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