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Thread: My Wife's sister wants to saty in US

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    My wife's sister, age 9 wants to stay with us. She is here now on a 6 month visa. What do we need to do now so she can stay here and begin going to school.

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    My wife's sister, age 9 wants to stay with us. She is here now on a 6 month visa. What do we need to do now so she can stay here and begin going to school.

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    Her parents don't want her to live with the gown up like yourself.
    Live her alone.

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    adopt her, and then file for her since she only nine i don't think it you'll have a lot of problems.

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    fu_cking ебаный Woody Allen !!!

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    Your wife's nine-year-old sister "wants" to stay in the United States with you? I think that what you mean is that the nine-year-old's parents want her to stay in the United States. A nine-year-old child CANNOT make such a decision.

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    I think that child should live with her parents where ever they are unless there is an extreme hardship for them. Other wise it will effect her psychology and she will feel "left alone".

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    Refer to uscis for adoption if you don't find any info on that then try here you will get the complete information on this subject.
    You might have to file I-600-A, or I-600 you can print this form and see the instructions.

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    If you keep a child here without approval,without filing for paper work...That child will get in trouble sooner or later when she turns a legal age.Period.

    2ndly,the other member is right.That child can not make a decision like that,even iof she wants to stay here.It will not happen.

    I am gonna sound harsh,but that child,you or the parents have No chance to make and have her stay here "because she wants to or the parents want too" doesn't work that way.

    Imagine...I am getting visit from europe from my sister and her daughter says "i wanna stay with my uncle" and I say sure stay and my sister leaves back home and I have the daughter.
    Do you honestly think "INS will say " Ohhhh she wanted to stay here and you are willing to take care of her yadi yadi....oh sure,no problem,thats wonderful.
    Wake ain't gonna happen.
    Even if someone is 2 years old, 7 years old , 15 years old.It will never happen and NEVER approved.Unless,only and only...unless the parents are sick,drug user, alcolholic etc...and have abused her big time...even if thats the case it will still need to be proven that those facts are true.

    Sorry to tell you,but this is not gonna happen.
    Don't believe me? ask any attorney

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