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Thread: Fraud and immigrants

  1. #1
    I have a friend who has commited a fraud and is an immigrant,does that qualify outmatic deportation.

  2. #2
    I have a friend who has commited a fraud and is an immigrant,does that qualify outmatic deportation.

  3. #3
    Need more information -- what kind of fraud? is she an immigrant or nonimmigrant -- what is her status here?

  4. #4
    she is an immigrant on a green card, but she lied to the immigration when she was initially on F1 visa which I think is fraud.

  5. #5
    and here is CHARL !

    He got fu_cked by his F1 visa GF!
    what were you thinking as_shole?

  6. #6
    Don't need ya ****ing piece of *****, if you have no answer to what am asking, keep ya BS to yaself.I have more helpful buddies than the so called yaself.Lerka****

  7. #7
    Yes, Any lies to immigration while in the process is fraud and subject to deportation. And don't listen to the P*U*N*K LERKA probably illegal anyway. And if your girlfriend did you wrong cut the rope and have her deported!!

  8. #8
    The misrepresentation would have to be material to the issuance of a visa, or entry, or it would have to have shut down a line of questioning that might have otherwise have rendered her inadmissible or ineligible for the visa.
    The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.

  9. #9
    His f_ucking GF did not do anything wrong, she married the as_shole, got a green card, and decided she did not love the as_shole any longer,'cause he is an as_shole.
    What's the fraud?????

  10. #10
    Quit defending the P*U*T*A!! His intentions I feel are 100%. It's P*U*T*A that used him for the visa!! Typical another American taken advantage of!!! LERKY U R an IDIOT!!!!

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