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Thread: I130 APPROVED !!!

  1. #1
    now what .. ?? when will i get my working permit ??.. i unmarried and son under 21 leaving in the usa .. am from venezuela .

  2. #2
    Hi Hay-david,

    When you posted recently, there was some useful information given for you by some members, (Aneri's in particular), and some questions which were asked but you didn't come back to..

    In case you missed it and can't find that thread you posted, here is the link to it:

    Previous thread

    Good luck
    God Bless America - God Bless Immigrants - God Bless Poor Misguided Souls Too

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    1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.

  3. #3
    so what will be the process then ??? whats the wait time ??

  4. #4
    Sprint has provided the link to where your questions were answered.

    You still have not responded to a very important question that was asked of you..

    Here it is again....

    4. So, you dad became PR 3 years ago. How come you were not included in that petition?Instead of us guessing possible scenarios, it would help if you tell us your age.

  5. #5
    ok i posted the answer to question 4 in the other thread plz read

  6. #6
    alright here my case .. my sister in an American citizen . my sister filled for my mom and dad. that around 4 years ago , then after my dad got his PR , he filled for my younger sister and me. we are unmarried son under 21 . we just got the i30 approve last week ( it took around 4 years ) now , my question is , whats next?? will i get my work permit? and what the wait time

  7. #7
    Sorry no EAD for you. You are still illegal, so you can be arrested.

  8. #8

  9. #9
    No, but you will have to return to Ven. to get the visa, and your illegal status will result in a 10 year ban. Better to wait for amnesty.

  10. #10
    david, your age is VERY important...

    please continue providing information only in one thread if you want any further assistance

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