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Thread: Nurse recruitment

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    Has anyone looked into doing this? Seems to me that it would be a profitable field to get into. I am sure that it is laden with issues and problems.

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    Has anyone looked into doing this? Seems to me that it would be a profitable field to get into. I am sure that it is laden with issues and problems.

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    GOOD LUCK !!!

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    There're plenty of them already. Just like plenty of agency in India recruiting for H1/L1 visas. Go to India for programmers, go to Philipines for nurses.

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    you have to have enough funds to cover their immigration process. It's an employee's market and they'll go for recruiters who will cover all their expenses. you'd probably be looking of spending $6,000 for each one.

  6. #6
    And, unlike programmers, nurses need to pass exams and be licensed here.

    Ditto, teachers.

  7. #7
    yup, but the good thing is you'd be reimbursed by the hospital who will hire your recruit and that's where the real money is.

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    But doesn't the hospital then pay 10k for each nurse?

    I was not thinking of recruiting in the Philipines as I think the quality of education (especially hard sciences) is arguably better in the former soviet block.

    It seems the basic process is credential evaluation; immigration paperwork and then placement.

    The problem I see for a non lawyer is overcoming the unauthorized practice of law thing. This is just a way for lawyers to protect their monopoly but it is real and should be feared. I guess this means I would have to team up with a firm.

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    it's not about who's got better education but rather who's got a better chance of having your education recognized here in US. Nurses in the Philippines and in some countries are easily recognized because they pattern their curriculum here in US so during evaluation they normally pass with flying colors. Not to mention they speak better english which is important since part of the criteria in recruiting nurses is passing an english exam and its required by immigration

  10. #10
    Good point.

    I think there exists an industry bias agains Filipino nurses. I say this from my own personal survey of healthcare professionals. Thats not to say they won't be accepted (there is great demand for nurses) I just KNOW that american healthcare professionals think they are superior to the rest of the world. Someone with strong math and science skills can easily impress another healthcare professional

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