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Thread: FBI Name Check

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    My father was interviewed in March 2005 for US citizenship. He passed the interview but his case was sent for FBI Name Check. He is waiting for about 1 year. Is there anything to do as it is taking long time? Please help me.

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    My father was interviewed in March 2005 for US citizenship. He passed the interview but his case was sent for FBI Name Check. He is waiting for about 1 year. Is there anything to do as it is taking long time? Please help me.

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    You will want to visit this thread to gain more insight and what the process are and what need to be done:

    I was debating to post on this subject as well, because imho this isn't as simple as it appears. But since Sammy already posting it, might as well help supplement it.

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    Hello Sammy,
    Thanks a lot for your reply. I forgot to mention that INS contacted him 7-8 months ago via regular mail and that was the last. I will let you know what they mentioned on that letter as soon as I can.


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    hello Sammy,
    I've been interviewd for the I485 on july 2004, and had my fingerprints taken for the second time .I inquired my case status several time. Lately my congressman informed me that my file had been transfered from NY to Washington D.C. for a name check. does anyone know what sparked this action and how to accelerate it?
    -thank you

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    oh,one more thing can I do the same process Sammy suggested to Swarna ? my case is name check for green card thanks

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    Hi sammy, i was carefully reading your advices and would apreciate if u can read my case posted today on this forum the subject is:
    "looking for serious legal advice" its regarding a series of misleading actions from uscis in my process.

    if u haev the time to look at my case would be deeply apreciated.


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    Hello Sammy,
    First of all Thanks for a great step by step help.

    My I-485 name check has been pending for last 4 years without any reason. In frustation, I have sent multiple inquiries to INS, contact congressmen, but all in vain. I have even tried contacting lawyers to see if I can file a lawsuit, but unfortunately most of them say "No we dont take such cases".
    After seeing your post, its encouraging to know that it can be done by ourself. I started with reading "Civil Case Pro Se package" and in chapter 1 and 2 (atleast for northern california), its so discouraging and scary that I am now considering to ask a lawyer to represent me in court. I can refer to your article, if he/she doesn't understand it. It will be great, if you can refer to me some good lawyer. (web site)
    I hope that you are a lawyer and can represent me

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    I hear all these complaints about how long the FBI name check takes. My questions are: I am going to be petitioning my wife who is in her country: Mexico. I will apply for the K3 visa so that she can come to the US sooner.

    I understand that they will be doing a FBI name check on her.

    Since she is outside of the USA how long does this process normally take? does anybody know?

    Once in the USA, will she have to go through this FBI name check again?

    Please advise.


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    If one sues the govt. over this, don't you think govt. probably react retroactively?

    Please shed some light on it.

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