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Thread: K-3 VISA in Hand!!!!!!!!!

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    Interview was on Monday, April 5th. He received his Visa by 3:30 in the afternoon!!!! He's coming home!!!!

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    Interview was on Monday, April 5th. He received his Visa by 3:30 in the afternoon!!!! He's coming home!!!!

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    hello. i read your message and was wondering if this was a 'fiancee visa' that u applied for?? i have done the paperwork for my fiancee to come to the u.s. the ins received it on march 26. they said it would take between 30-45 days to hear a decision. i was wondering if this is what u did and how long did it take you?? i had to send my papers to the vermont service center. any info will be greatly appreciated. and CONGRATS !! i cant wait to hear something !! i m so excited !! hope to hear from ya soon. take care and thanks

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    Thank you. Our Visa is for a spouse. From the application date to the date of receiving his application, it has been 11 months. I do not want to discourage anyone by our timeframe, but we had some difficulites concerning the Field Office that held our original filing, which called for RFE's and transferring of files. So that did delay things a bit.

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    thanks for ur reply. glad things are getting done for you. best of luck in the near future. take care and god bless everyone !!

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    Congratulations....Me I am still waiting =(

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    I'm still's been 14 months since we applied We did go to the interview but my spouse was denied for no apparent reason and I was asked to go back to the US even though we already have a joint financial sponsor. We did everything right, I don't know why they decided it to be like this Any idea on how long i'd have to wait longer? Any advice as to what has speed up the process/what has worked for you? Thx.

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    Sorry to hear dawnoffawn. What country is he/she from? You probably won't get a response from the original poster as this thread is more than 5yrs old.
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