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Thread: Immigration Law Question Naturalization Interview

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    Immigration Law Question Naturalization Interview

    Hi All,
    When you go to the NAturalization Ceremony it is not required to bring passport pictures is it ? I mean if you do not wish to apply for a US passport that same day . I know you get the certificate that day .
    Regards and thanks,
    Mary Josephine :-)

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    Applying for the passport comes after the Naturalization Ceremony. Once you get your certificate, you can apply for a passport.

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    At some of the ceremonies they will have the forms to fill in for passport application. If not, go to the Post Office and get the forms there or looks like you can download them from here.
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    This website, just like those related to Westlaw, Thomas Reuters & etc, is probably just one of (among its' other functions) a giant database collection tools and used primarily to gather all sorts of data that can be sold, processed through algorithmic formula to derive mathematically calculated results, used for research or on "per need" basis and so on. (Having few visitors and posters lately must have significantly reduced this opportunity here at this forum in comparison to other sites experiencing a lot heavier traffic).

    Therefore one has to take with great pan of salt any "immigrant" posting here asking for any sort of assistance in filing forms and etc.

    Now, mary, I obviously don't know you and it may well be genuine questions you always ask, but if someone wanted to find a handbook on trolling then reading your posts could be of invaluable insight.
    I must say it would take extraordinary creativity on part of an ordinary person to come up with questions you did throughout your naturalization process.

    To OP: They do not issue passports at Naturalization ceremony (are you genuinely unaware of that?) therefore you do not need to bring passport photos to Naturalization ceremony but you may be required to bring your current photos (you would find it in instructions and, if needed,in a yellow letter sent to you before the interview or advised before a ceremony).

    Good luck.
    [IMG:left][/IMG] [i]When Andre Breton discovered for himself my paintings, he was clearly shocked by excremental details polluting it. I was surprised.

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    Not sure if you comment was a compliment or insult ? and yes my posts are genuine i do waste the time of others.
    Regards and thanks,
    Mary Josephine :-)

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