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    Join Date
    Oct 2003
    East Hampton [Long Island], New York [USA]

    Let me break it down (not my legs).

    "is that a problem that we live in different states, though we love each other?"

    Not at all. Whether you guys really love each other or not, INS doesn't care about LOVE. Unfortunately, love doesn't conquer immigration show. All INS cares about is evidences about the bona fide of marriage, and not love. Isn't love is an empty concept?

    Parties having living away from each other in different states is not a problem at all even if parties don't have a single evidence between them to show joint stuffs together so long they have a valid and logical reason to explain to INS. This is nothing unusual to INS as a lot of people have this kind of situation. Sometimes it is because of job, while other times because of schooling. A simple notarized affidavit from the parties and from family/friend will do the trick.

    "All bills and credit card statements are addressed to CA address. is that a problem?"

    Are you kidding me? Having all bills and credit card statements at one address are like having icing on the cake.

    "DO you think that they will call us for an interview because we live in different states?"

    The call for an interview doesn't necessarily base upon something looks unusual; rather even a very convincing case could be called upon for an interview at time. It's all depending upon assigned adjudication officer. I don't see any reason for you to be called upon for an interview so long you would present your case properly. Properly means-submitting whatever document you have to prove the bona fide of your marriage, and affidavits wherein you should explain your situation very clearly with full work information and situation in different states about both of you. If you were still being called for an interview, then I think adjudication officer would like to say Hello to Lolita even though the case is about your husband. And, who would not wish to see a beautiful person like you anyway? I would.

    "How would they know?"

    Know what? Relationship between both of you and living at different addresses? If so, then it would be based upon the submitted evidences and affidavits.

    About love? Then love cannot be defined and it cannot be explained either. Officer has to go along with his basic instinct in order to find love between you and your husband, which would purely be based upon officer's Sixth sense.

    "Do they run credit check to see where social security number has been used or something?"

    INS does not run a credit check on anyone, nor ˜credit checking' has anything to do with immigration matter. Also, INS never cares, nor they have any interest whatsoever in knowing where a social security number is issued. No offence and no kidding, but believe me I've never heard someone asking a question of where a social security number is issued in the context of immigration matter, even though I might have come across to millions of postings and cases. So, thank you for GIVING me something to WORK on it.

    "what else do we need to know or do to make whole process smoother?"

    Just bow to keep romancing to each other forever. It's said that Love may make the world go' round, but it's romantic love that makes the ride worthwhile. We all need love, but we crave for romance. Just like you need broccoli, but you crave chocolate! It's romantic love that allows you to say emphatically "I'm in love with you," instead of merely "I love you."

    Why are many marriages mediocre and boring? Not because they lack love, but because they lack romance. Love is lukewarm and comfortable, while romance is hot and exciting.

    Everyone wants passion and romance in his or her life. But some people are uncertain how to create romance. And some people are stuck in cultural stereotypes. And some people have given up the search for romance out of frustration or cynicism.

    Love in the twenty-first century is about practicing old-fashioned values with a modern twist. It's about honoring the timeless values of honesty, commitment and caring; while expressing them creatively, uniquely and passionately. And this where romance comes in. Romance is the expression of love. Love is a sweet but empty concept.

    I believe that expressing love is our purpose as human beings. Therefore, anything that helps you achieve this purpose is a good thing, especially to remain in marriage, an ultimate reason to succeed with immigration.

    Did I make sense in my responses to your questions? Don't worry. Sometimes I don't understand myself either. Lolita is a cute name, by the way.

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    I approach situations from a common sense perspective despite evidence that USCIS AS AN ORGANIZATION, tends to lack this quality in policy-making decisions.

    USCIS adjudicators are normal folks. Many adjudicators have no more than a high school education. They work in offices with a lot of other people just like themselves. I mention the average education level, NOT as an indictment on their intelligence but rather to enunciate my point that they are your average everyday person.

    In my opinion, average everyday people do not rely on a sixth sense as much as they do the opinions of their peers. These opinions gathered in informal settings such as the proverbial "water cooler" or in the lunch room. If two adjudicators were to discuss an I-130 case where the two people are married but living apart, eyebrows would be raised AND suspicions would be raised. THIS IS COMMON SENSE. The law is the law but we are dealing with opinion here. Opinion of average people with average suspicions.

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    I don't think living in different states when filing for AOS will affect the application.

    My husband and I live in different states because I go to school in OK and our home is in GA, where he works. Our AOS was approved. No problems at all.

    The good thing now, is that, next week, I'll be finishing my experiments, so I will go home to GA for good.

    I hope this helps.

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