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Thread: Peter A. Schey css/lulac

  1. #1
    I'm wondering if anybody contacted Peter A. Schey of the Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law about CSS/LULAC late amnesty concerning the USCIS not abiding by the court settlements and what he is thinking of doing to force CIS to abide by the court settlements.

  2. #2

    you are right CIS does not seem to respect court settlement. I believe if peter schey is not interested other lawyers can do something. I have contacted peter schey through email but i never receive any reply.

  3. #3
    u right.Seems like CHRO(peter schey) group doesn't care about css/lulac people.They didn't reply any querries or contacts.

  4. #4
    you can call or fax them at :-
    Phone: (213) 388-8693
    Fax: (213) 386-9484

  5. #5
    Has anyone rec'd denial notice for I687 after submitting more docs. for intent to deny letter.
    and did the denial notice gave all the info. how to apply to special master n all. Pls. advise

  6. #6
    I have Peter's personal cell phone number, which I will not post here, however I will call him and post his reply here as soon as I contact him.

  7. #7
    In the meantime his office number is 213-388-8693 ext. 104 please be advised that he is a very busy man and you will probably have to leave a message with your concerns as it is very unlikely that he will return any calls. Here is a link from his website with other contact information: http://www.nationalimmigrationreform...-24.2748894446

  8. #8
    squidd, wht will u tell him, i believe he is aware of all the situation. I personally have to tried to reach him by email and phone no response and their websit carries old dated info. too. Seems noone is updating any info. there or taking care of the webpage or people's concerns.
    Don't know who to talk or go, in this delimma for last 20 yrs now

  9. #9
    I read part of the settlements with the Homeland Security, the government agreed to pay the center for human rights and constituently law around six millions dollar to help immigrant and their causes.
    The question now is why the center (CHRCL) not hiring army of people to help class member since they got a lot of money and they can afford It.?
    I guess somebody took the money and ran away!!! I hope I'm wrong but it seem that way to me!!!

  10. #10
    You can reach Peter at his office:-

    6127 Del Valle Dr
    Los Angeles, CA 90048-5303

    Tel:- 1(323) 857-5801
    Fax:- 1(323) 931-2221


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