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Thread: Thank you.

  1. #11

    I m not.... I m just happy.... tried to make little fun out of situation....

  2. #12
    Pasha, congratulations. I am new here as you know but you always seems to have something to offer. Good luck in the residency. Just what is your specialty if I may ask? Congrats again

  3. #13
    Sir, Congratulations to you

  4. #14
    Way to go Pasha - and thanks...

    Sometime in the next few months I will discover my fate - it has been/still is a long haul for many of us.

    Hopefully we too will have success at the end of our process...

    Good luck with your future.


  5. #15

    Congratulations!!! I am very happy for you that you got what you most wanted. Although I don't know you physically I have got to know your soul and I am very inspired by you. When I read your posts I get a lot of energy to keep going forward at all levels in my life, professional and with my immigration battle. You have been very nice to me and many others here, and we will be missing you for not having you here so often.

    You got my email so always touch base, and you deserve all that you are getting, once again CONGRATULATIONS!


  6. #16


    I have a talent to criticise, but once in a while I am in dire need of the opposite


    Best Wishes,

  7. #17
    Dear Pasha,

    You are a good person and you deserve only the best!

    Take care my friend
    Beware of small expenses. A small leak could sink a big ship.

  8. #18
    Congratulations and good luck with everything you do in your life... which you probably will anyway, with that great personality!

  9. #19
    Thanks a lot everyone for your well wishes and kind comments .... I got into internal medicine .... I have a great interest in psychiatry .... But want to do fellowship / research in endocrinology... so I took Internal Medicine .... It seems to me a vast and challenging field with variety of cases ....

    Wish you all the best with everything you do.... Pasha

  10. #20
    Ok Hotshot. I want to read about you and the Pulitzer when you discover that cure for diabetes! Then I can say. Oh I knew him when he was just a .........

    Still Learning:

    Hey beauootiful

    My Twuck bwroke. It's running all weeble wobbly. Can you come out to pway and help me fix it.... pweaseeeeee.

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