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Thread: Aguila & others...notarized letter from USC/Alien

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    Hi Aguila and others,

    Do you know what kind of affidavit / notarized letter is good for I-751 from USC Spouse / alien besides letters from friends and family .... What should it contain? I meant if u have idea or example .... Can u share that with me? Thanks ...Pasha

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    Hi Aguila and others,

    Do you know what kind of affidavit / notarized letter is good for I-751 from USC Spouse / alien besides letters from friends and family .... What should it contain? I meant if u have idea or example .... Can u share that with me? Thanks ...Pasha

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    I will post here what I plan to send as my personal affidavit:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    1) That my name is .

    2) That my date of birth is .

    3) That I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.

    3) That I currently reside at .

    4) That I have been a conditional permanent resident since and my A # is: .

    5) That I entered to the United States on planning to visit some major cities of the US and I planned to return to my home country to continue my studies at the University of Psychology in Montevideo, Uruguay.

    6) That I met WIFE shortly after my arrival, and we started dating, fall in love, and got married on in New York, NY.

    7) That I never entered into the marriage to circumvent any immigration law, but rather because I was fully in love with WIFE and decided that I want to spend my life with her. That I decided to quit my studies and put aside my personal and professional goals in my home country to have a life together with WIFE in the United States.

    8) That at all times I tried to make my marriage work. That after WIFE and I decided to get separated to sort things out regardless of my efforts to remain together she decided that it was better for her to terminate our union.

    9) That on March 8, 2004, a Family Judge of Hudson County, New Jersey, grant us a divorce judgment based on no-fault grounds.

    6) That I solemnly affirm the above to be the whole truth, signed this day_______________2004 in front of _____________________________.

    Firstname Lastname

  4. #4
    Thanks a lot aguila ... I really appreciate it .. one more question ...

    So is it ok if I write a short story / note on how we met and ended up marrying each others ...with dates I arrived here and that we have been living together in a happy relationship like family since then ...that we both confirm ...we got married in good faith....and signature of both ( mine and my wife) .... And sign and stamp of notary...

    One more thing ... all letters from friends and family I got notarized ... I did that in 2 original one copy I send them while still having one more with me as original evidence ... is that a good idea ? if I need it later on lets say may be in interview .... Thanks again...Pasha

  5. #5
    Thats a great idea!!! what do you think about my personal affidavit? any suggestions? do you think it sounds compelling?

  6. #6
    yeah... urs is written in a nice format...its great...if i think of something to add to that...i will surely write here or e mail you....thanks again...good luck...when r u filing ur I-751 waiver?

    wouldnt it be hard if in meantime u get approved with joint petition without interview since u r divorced now?

  7. #7

    I will be filing latest middle or the end of next week. It is impossilblt that VSC will approve the joint before then since they are 5-6 months way from that application, I am expecting an affidavit from someone that now resides in California, as soon as I get that and I will mail it out. I will compile over the weekend.

  8. #8
    Spell and grammar check. I'd proof read it for you, but I'd have to charge.

    I also think the capitalization of "WIFE" looks hostile. Say "my wife," not just "wife," like she is an object. "My wife" is more personal and affectionate.

    Then again, what the hell do I know?
    Sweet Madame Belu

  9. #9

    Where it says WIFE in the real version I put her full name...

  10. #10

    Affidavit looks good but here is what I would do.

    On number 7 - Omit the 1st line and start off with " I was fully in love with my wife SO I decided to stay .......................
    You want to convince but at the same time you do not want to come off as someone who is trying too hard to convince because people tend to think you have something to hide. My point is, you already know that people think Aliens marry for green cards and whoever reads the affidavit probably thinks the same too so don't even mention it. Mention only your strong points. Give him/her something different. Most people write that so try to avoid it. I hope I am making sense. What do you think?

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