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Thread: Voices For American Family Reunification

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    Has anyone ever found a website for Voices For American Family Reunification? Sherry Arciniega had posted comments and stated that she belonged to this organization. I'd like to make contact with Sherry or the organization. I'd appreciate any information on how to find it. Thanks.

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    Explora: Why is your husband waiting for a deportation hearing?

    Is he an illegal alien who disregarded America's sovereignty and rule-of-law?

    Is he a criminal who is being deported for committing criminal acts?

    Please elaborate.

    People don't just end up in deportation proceedings for no reason.

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    Explora: You say that want "American Family Reunification," but your husband isn't American...and it seems like he's in America illegally.

    What about Mexican Family Reunification? After all, that's just as relevant, given that he's Mexican.

    Why is this, in your opinion, solely the supposed responsibility of the American government?

    What is your husband's responsibility? What is the Mexican government's responsibility?

    I wonder why you're not searching for the Mexican Family Reunification website?

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    as usual, it's someone else's fault because some dirtbag is an illegal....what, did our border guards 'drag' your husband over the border and force him to stay in the US at gunpoint? (no)....your husband is just another slimeball who has NO respect for US laws, and found yet another village idiot to marry and try to get a GC....

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