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Thread: Can I get my Verbally Abusive spouse deported??

  1. #11
    I'm sure lau66's daughter will uunderstand her mother decision to try to deport the father when she found out he also threatened to kidnap and kill...

    Now if what you said about the B1/B2 visas is true, thats definitely considered fraud. I think swissnut or bigdummy is the person that you might enlist advice from in this matter.

  2. #12
    Having a visitor's visa and not visiting a particular person is not fraud, as far as I see it. I may have missed it, but care to explain how he came to be in the USA in the first place? A B1/B2 is a visitor's visa, and I'd doubt that he'd get it if he had suggested that he was visiting a fiancé - since that would indicate immigrant intent.
    The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.

  3. #13
    hi rubytuesday

    I too know what it's like to be in a domsetic violence situation and it's a horrible feeling not knowing what he will do to you next, so I understand your feelings for wanting him deported too, but there is not much you can do now but to protect yourself and your daughter from him.

    I agree with sappyconifer and Paddy, you don't have to petition for him anymore once you file for divorce and he is on his owm from there when it comes to immigrations and him trying to stay in this country.

    Take care of yourself and child first and foremost.

    and as for you Marasmus you insensitve *******, eventhough you had some true insites to her situation you did not need to come on hard on her as she has already been through a hard time with him! I know the horror of being in this abusive situation and her daughter will not hate her once she knows the truth of why her father is not with them.

  4. #14
    Ive read your comment about marriage wherein a US spouse wants to deport her husband.Need advice here.
    My problem is I have a conditional green card acquired thru marriage.My USC spouse dumps me and wants me deported.She wants me to pay all the expenses she spent to me including the gifts she gave to me.She even made an affidavit that i need to pay her all the things she brought or gave to me.Need help here.My card expires next year.No divorce have been filed.I have only few documents to show that the marriage is real (bank accounts,phone bills,emails,documents when we traveled....).What are my chances of removing the conditions of my conditional green card.Need help.Email me

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