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Thread: What was your first impression?

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    What was the first major cultural shock when you first came to the US?
    Tell us where you're from too!

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    What was the first major cultural shock when you first came to the US?
    Tell us where you're from too!

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    They are not quite what I am used to (Canada). I had one heck of a time getting an account set up!

    "What was your previous address... OK... What was you ZIP... Oh it is a postal code and has letters in it... I'm sorry our system can't accept that so we are unable to help you" I got this from 3 major chains!!!!!!!

    "You want to buy Canadian $ - that will take 2-3 weeks..."

    "We want to speak to you about this money you are wiring to a bank in Canada - We suspect that you are engaged in money laundering (I am not kidding! - BTW it is child support from a previous marriage)"

    "Here are the fees.... and fees... and fees..."

    "By the way the banks name now is...." (3 times already)

    "We sent that wire to Canada 3 days ago but it normally takes 6-7 days to clear"

    Not exactly what I am used to...

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    im from britain, and my first culture shock was the people, they are more friendly in the states than here, at least they are in the south, everyone says hello and stuff like that cars will let u cross over the road, i am not used to that, someone here would rather run over u than let u cross first, and also the food is a big difference too, i find i miss a lot of english food that im used to going to the store for and i cant get in the usa.
    well thats my contribution

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    my first impression of the united states was t

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    I'm from France and same thing Anon, people here are more friendly. When I say that I mean strangers are more friendly towards each other. In France, if you stop someone and ask them something, they'll start freaking out and wondering why on earth you are asking them the time and what is your ulterior motive!

    That and 24hours stores!! WOOHOOO!!

    But I do miss a LOT of foods from France.

  7. #7
    Hello I am from Ontario, Canada and I really felt welcomed by the hospitality of the southerners here in the USA. Oh and the food is great too! When I first moved to NC, the fried foods were great but my gall bladder was not accustomed to them! LOL I now have fried foods in moderation! LOL A couple of things that I do miss about Canada is Molson Canadian Beer and Tim Horton's Coffee shops((Most Canadians are very familiar with "Timmy's Coffee").
    I have found my soulmate here in NC, a wonderful place that is my home and feels like home, and a great career in the medical field(RN)....I couldn't ask for any more in life! God Bless the USA )

  8. #8
    This is the single sunny question on the so sad and upsating site, Marie. I used to live in Esonia. I had never seen before so much smiling faces as in America. When I traveled back for couple weeks from America I discovered that it looks like all people share something like funeral. About food: I found a few Polish food stores which sold a lot of Europian food with the wonderful choice of cheeses.

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    I notied that too sureI, people are very friendly here in the US compared to where I'm from too.
    There are no stores that I know of here that sell European food

  10. #10
    I'm from Bombay, India and I landed in New York City. I was amazed at how polite people were (even in NYC!). People actually apologized if they bumped into you (in Bombay, they often bump into you deliberately if you're a young woman). I was also impressed by how easy it was to find my way around - I was out and about on my own on the very next day, armed with just a map and some subway tokens. Once I moved out of NYC, I realized that people here are not merely polite, they're downright friendly!

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