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Thread: Getting Divorced!!!! What do i DO???

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    I am from Europe, and got married nov.03 to my American wife. I recieved in November 04 my temp. Residency card and started my new job and in the same time started a new education as my wife is in the Air-force.
    She desided now without telling me to go out and have some fun around different people, and ended up telling me she wanted a Divorce.
    What do i do????
    I Never intended to enter the US just to be allowed to live here, im from demark and was happy there but feelt in love with my wife and ONLY because of her moved over here.
    I would not have a problem moving back home, but i now have an education and a large loan in the us, and are only able to use it here, and therefor have to stay atleast until i have payed the money back.
    what are the chances for me not to recieve permanent residency after the 2 years of temp residency, and do the immigration look very ill on you getting a divorce.
    Believe me i love my wife very much and would do anything i could to stay married, but i have no luck in doing so. So i am all on my own she hae kicked me out of the base we live on and are desperate, so please help me with some advise, if anyone knows anything about this situation i am in.
    Kind Regards

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    First, you should collect as much evidence as you can that you entered your marriage in good faith like, pictures, letters from friends and relatives, proof of common household, any documents that show you have/had joint bank/loan accounts. If you can get any proof about her infidelity that would also help to argue your case. Second, 90 days prior to your card's expiration file form I-751 with a waiver of joint filing. Just make sure your divorce is final by that time. If a reasonable person after reviewing all the evidence believes you entered your marriage in good faith the condition on your green card will be removed.


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    Sup has given u good piece of advice...collect all the evidences about ur bonafide marriage and if possible spend some money after getting evidences of your wife's extra-marital affairs.... you do not need to wait for filing I 751 if you are divorced...once u have divorce decree in hands...file I 751 waiver... I still recall one case that mohan has provided ...they had solid evidences of wife cheating on husband and they got their I 751 waiver approved without any question....

    Percentages of waiver one knows real numbers...everyone says different things...good luck...Pasha

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