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Thread: Sheriff Joe Strikes Again

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    Great posting!! Listen to the bleating/whining a-holes...."they're separating families!" bleated one cow...and the employer..."I've lost most of my 'staff'! (i.e. $3 an hour labor force)"...who gives an ambercrumbly???
    these a-wipes BROKE THE EFFEN LAW, you morons!
    they had NO RIGHT to even be in this country, let alone WORK and STEAL JOBS FROM AMERICAN CITIZENS....what part of 'illegal' don't you greasy taco-vendors understand???
    Adios, MFs...que la vaya muy malo!

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    Once again, great post S12 Personally, I think if the families want to be together they should leave together, all of them. What about the collapsing of clinics, schools, draining the welfare system, social security, medicare, and so on? these people have no shame, no self respect, no pride. Of course they can always count on commie pinkos and bleeding hearts to bend the laws. This mess has to come to an end.

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