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Thread: staying outsise the USA

  1. #1
    how long can I be overseas if I am "green card" holder?

  2. #2
    how long can I be overseas if I am "green card" holder?

  3. #3
    You spend all that time and effort to scam a green card abnd now you want to know how much time you can spend overseas. You people are unbelievably counterproductive. No wonder Hitler, Mao and Stalin killed you all.

  4. #4
    11 milions of people dream about having a green card to stay and work in US forever but you took one to waste it abroad. No justice in the world.

  5. #5
    To avoid any problems try to keep your visit abroad under six months at a time.

  6. #6
    How about if you are US citizen? Is there any limit on the duration you can stay abroad?

  7. #7
    No limitations if you're a U.S. citizen. But, you do have to file U.S. tax returns on global earnings.

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