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Thread: Fiancé visa

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    Do you need to file something else with the I-129F? Also, the fiancé lives in Mexico, I heard that you need to go to Juarez for the interview, is this true? Can someone give me an over view of the whole process? Thank you.

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    Do you need to file something else with the I-129F? Also, the fiancé lives in Mexico, I heard that you need to go to Juarez for the interview, is this true? Can someone give me an over view of the whole process? Thank you.

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    Of course I am voting for McCain!! He is my guy

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    hi ggfrisco , you will need to file the i-129f form with the uscis and a g-32ga for you and one for her and you will also need to make a cover letter (list everything in the packet)and Declaration of how you met in person in the last two years,and One passport-type photo ,Copy of the Birth certificate (front and back) for the US Citizen or a copy of ALL pages of the US Citizen's passport issued with a validity of at least 5 years or a copy of the US Citizen's naturalization certificate (front and back). This is used to establish citizenship,Copy of final Divorce Decree if any,Proof of Legal Name Change if either the US Citizen and/or foreign fiance have ever changed the name,certified copies of all court and police records showing the charges and dispositions for any specified convictions.and one the uscis approved the i-129f they will forward your approval notice to the national visa center and then they will contact you and you will do the Affidavit of Support form(i-134) and once they approve it they will forward the case to the embassy, so if she's in mexico then yes, your interview will be in cidad juarez , bcoz it's the only counsolate in mexico who process the immigrant and k visas . good luck

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    lol ok we make it 2 photos then for davdah, actually i'll send 3 for each just in case

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    Thank you Mike. This is not for me; however your info helps us a lot. Also, someone mention that you need medical examination and vaccines and you need to do this at Ciudad Juarez. Is this correct?
    When she gets here and files the I-485 do we need to file again the affidavit of support along with the medical examination?

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    all the medical examinations will be taking at the Consulate before her interview, they will send her cross the street i believe to do the blood and test and then she will give the results to the officer who will interview her. and here is what will happen exactly, after she gets her visa she will enter the u.s as non immigrant ,then she should apply for ss# and thyen apply for marriage certificate(Apply for marriage certificate. Must marry within 90 days of entering the U.S. on a K-1 visa),and then get married and then change the name on ssn(Go back to the SSA office and bring your SSN Card and marriage certificate. Change your name) and then apply for adjustment of status and they should do it as soon as possible and plus the EAD and advance parole ,and later they will have the interview for the i-485 and if approved then she will recieve an i-551 on her passport (means she's approved)and later she will recieve her green card in mail

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    and sooooooooooory for my eeeeeeeenglish lol

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