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  1. #21
    ****ster is fraudster

  2. #22
    Dear friend,
    I am very sad to hear your story. my brother has had the similar experience recently. His wife from ukraine landed in canada on immigration. did a lot of expensive shopping and took some money from joint account and one day left within two months of arriving. My brother does not know where she is, but she was taking an english course before she left. she finished that course and she is taking an advanced course at the same college. This is all he knows. he does not have her phone no. or address. he tries to communicate with her via e-mail but she does not reply back. in addition to all that, before coming to canada, my brother sent him pre settled money every month and amounts above that she requested.

    It is so sad to know that this thing happened with us. It was my brother's first marriage, and the whole family received her with open arms. He was planning to buy a house for themselves and looking forward to their life together. we just can not believe anyone can be so feeling less to do that.

    Now, we have come to realize that it was a fraud and that she did not do anything to him personally. she would have done the same to some one else, who had been in his place. Now, what happens next. she has vanished. That means they are seperated. How can he divorce her if he does not where she is. would a year of seperation automatically give him divorce. Can he sue her for financial and mental loses. Can he deport her. We have no idea where to begin. It was good that this thing happened in the beginning before he invested too much in his marriage.

    please advise.

  3. #23

    YOu have no supporting evidence of fraud in your petition for annulment. not even an ounce. marriage fraud would have to be proven by evidence. I am sure you already know this and that it will default to a no fault divorce in the end. I believe you simply want your petition to be seen by CIS as official document about your wife. Sorry to tell you, your petition doesnt even suggest fraud from a CIS view.

    This gal was smart. well almost.. she didnt get citizenship .

    Suggest that becuase you are catholic, just have the church annul the marriage so that you can marry again in the church. Religious annulmnet is not relative to a state annulment grounds.


    if you need advice for canadian immigration problems, the best place to get it is at

    If it was USA , if he never filed papers its ok, if he did file papers, withdraw them. In USA, file a divorce notice in the newspapers where she last lived or where you think she lives, and file dilligent search affidavits. divorce will be granted.

    Good Luck to both.

    There are lots of nice american women here fellas. Save yourself the grief.

  4. #24
    ****ster is fraudster is ёбстер.

  5. #25
    Go to sleep "E"ster; Get some **** and treatment

  6. #26

    What is ёбстер ? whatever it is, do not be a ёбстер or "E"ster and get some help. Let all MEPP sleep and go to shrink

  7. #27
    THIS IS MY NEW NAME I LOST MY LOG IN AS ELREYBLANCO WHO STARTED THIS POST All too often you guys spend alot of time and energy helping poor defrauded saps like me only to never hear what the outcome is going to be. All of your posts certainly helped out to say the least and once I was made aware of what the standard for fraud actually was I looked at our "marriage" in a completely different way know actually looking for specific examples of fraud that could be proven. I redrafted my complaint and filed it citing the embezzlement of money that had been ongoing throughout the marriage as well as the promise of children which she made many times and then kept putting me off on until she got her degree etc. fortunately during a part of our marriage we had a friend of ours staying with us for a couple of months and he was privy to her Russian rages that she would fly into anytime anyone dared to tell her no. He heard her tell me that she never had any intention of ever having children with me etc. ...that is fraud because I wanted more kids and she promised them (or at least to try and certified that she was able to have them) anyway after we won the first few rounds of legal skirmishes where she had to divest herself of 1/2 of our marital assets that we had been able to locate which I thought was going to kill her on the spot but she complied and then after obtaining a restraining order and injunction freezing all of her various financial accounts (there were 5 checking accounts and 7 savings/share accounts that we found) she explained all of these accounts of not being able to trust banks and wishing to spread the risk around some) anyway after looking real bad those couple of times right out of the gate she suddenly became very sweet and suggested that counseling and working on our marriage etc. was the best thing ..lalala.
    Quick side notes Hudson...??? Your most recent comments (okay it was a year ago but...) are other worldly...where did I say I was unemployed for 3 years?? I said two weeks and when she got here she had no credit at all she has some all good but hardly the resources to buy a house for me?? I was not unemployed and on unemployment for 2 to 3 yrs, the job I lost was a General Manager of an Auto Dealership making 13-18k a month and when we moved to Portland I was the General Manager and minority partner in a GM franchise making over 20k a month. We did not live in an apartment but in a house that caused little miss Moscow to say "how many families live here" I have never used her or any other woman as a crutch and I was never a abusive controlling husband ....I supported her in any endeavor she wished to do ...100% I wrote that post a couple of months after she left which was 3 months after she graduated ...when exactly was she supposed to have been this crutch with a great job supporting me..she was stealing from me ...not supporting me ...and if I was on unemployment those last 3 years how in the **** was I able to pay for her entire college education lock stock and barrel?? Standing at the side of the freeway onramp with a sign? Okay back to my story...there were other very specific and very provable instances of fraud that would have been very compelling if not dispositive towards her fraud. Her attorney apparently told her that she was at risk of having this marriage typical man that I am I went to counseling sessions with her and managed to re-obtain a lot of the stolen money back by using her own greed against her to get her to part with it I dismissed the annulment action against her and after that point and after obtaining the knowledge that my own dear sweet wife whom I had placed on a pedestal and who had been the source of great pride to me and who had originally captured my love from hello had spent the last two years of our so called marriage going out to singles bars every chance she got to find her next and had basically become the town bike ...instead of using *** to draw them in she only gained a reputation and while they were happy to use her none wanted anything more than that to do with her. I can take a lot of things but that pushed me over the top and I told her to get out ...we got a quickie divorce where she pays me 1200 a month for spousal support in return for my agreement not to pursue my fraud claims against her. I found a younger better looking and more successful American girl (from Texas) who is everything I want and so far she likes me too and my ex mistake the high priced call girl from Russia is still single and still very unhappy yet successful at her job and still looking for love in all the wrong places...still too naive to this day to know that she is being played. So happy outcome! Thanks again and keep up the great work for those of us who from time to time need your input
    Roger D Alvey

  8. #28
    Well congrats

    I am glad you are recovering your monies from her, and that you have healed from your pain and found a new love.

    BEst wishes to you and thanks for coming back to update us on the outcome.

  9. #29
    EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS !!!!!!

  10. #30
    How long does she have to pay you?? I only got $6K; I feel like I got ripped off.

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