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Thread: again expedition

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    How much time the case lasts after the expedition?

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    How much time the case lasts after the expedition?

  3. #3
    Is it work related H1b premium processing? It's 15 days for processing, not guarantee for an approval though.

  4. #4
    do you sugest the expediting the case ends up in negative decisions? I applied for the O1 visa from B1.

  5. #5
    O-1 visa needs a lot of supporting documents and therefore
    premium processing often request RFE on this matter.If you think your documentations on changing from B-1 to O-1,then proceed with the filing thru premium processing.
    It would be best for us if you can tell us briefly on your qualification to have O-1 visa and we'll hear better suggestion from the board.Wishing you the best of luck.

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    What is RFE that this O1 needs. I am a ballroom dancer and was offered a job here as a teacher instructor. I came here on B1 visa and now my employer hired an attorney to change my status into O1.

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    You are confusing O-1 visa with P- 1 visa.O-1 visa is given to individual with exceptional talents in the field of sciences,arts, business or athletes.INS easily approves if you are a Nobel prize awardee or Olympic medalists.
    You might be needing P-1 visa as this is for those who are internationally recognized entertainers or athletes.But just the same any immigration lawyers know that they have a hard time documenting this O-visa as it is second hardest to asylum.Wishing you luck anyway.

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