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  1. #11
    Pat Tillman died to make sure terrorists don't congregate in Afghanistan and come back to kill him and his family and future families.

    For that, he IS a hero. And the fact that he gave up MILLIONS for it (which is even more of a sacrifice then the usual soldier) is beyond amazing.

    I could probably count on one hand how many millionaires are in the army. Rich people never enlist. This guy broke away from that pack. Maybe wall street young harvard rich *******s could learn something from him.

    -= nav =-

  2. #12
    Pipeline? I have been involved in oil
    and gas production for 10 years. You would
    be incorrect, according to all I know.
    Name me one- one American company that has tabled a contract.
    The oil is low quality, and piping to Caspian
    ports is untenable. And gas reserves of that region are internal matters, between those governments, India, Iran, Russia, and China.
    They work on own their own agendas.
    That is not to say that the history of the
    Taliban was without US support, but geo-politics
    and multi-nationals muddy the waters, as far as your argument goes. What would you want- Russia
    porting out of the Indian Ocean?
    And, no, I do not support wars anywhere.
    I support hard work, with reasonable expectations, and realistic thinking.
    I would like to see scientific committees
    replace the U.N., and the a world conference
    on peace and co-operation.
    Around 1992, there were proposals, by multi-nationals, and Americans cos to construct, but the U.S. federal govt. quashed any U.S.
    participation, because of the nature of some of the governments in the TAP
    (turkman,afghan,pakistani) region. America actually said NO-we will not allow Amer. cos to do business or sign contracts. That was a potential 200 million dollar blow to Afghanistan. Sure, they were sore, but they could of had any number
    of others help them. When test wells were completed around 2000, the quality of the crude
    was a vast disappointment. Gas is another matter. Still, it is a complex issue, and with
    belligerence still a by-word for that part of the world, American companies will be slow to participate.
    And the price of oil is supply-demand, not
    based on punishing the West.
    OPEC would go for the moon, if not for realistic international reality-checks...
    And if the al-queda crew would stop trying to sabotage Iraqi terminals and wells, money could flow into that country.
    There is blame all over- but why not sit down and negotiate? Personally, I would like to see a modern Middle-East Ghandi emerge...

    On balance, I never would have wished this any of the participants. But maybe it will influence the next generation, and they will be reviled by war and repression...

  3. #13
    Isn't it interesting that Michael has not signed up/volunteered to go fight in Afghanastan or Iraq. you would think with all that conviction and American rah rah.. that he would be right there on the front line....

    Talk is cheap.

    Dont be scared.. We know ur are not a Coward.. go for it.

  4. #14
    I volunteered but they said I am too old : (; I aplied for CIA and NSA though; would do whatever my country asks of me; unlike you people

  5. #15
    Applied for CIA and NSA huh? Why didn't you apply for president or senator?

    You would do anything your country would ask heh? I would be glad to have my recruiter contact you, I'm sure he would get an age waiver so you can join the Marine Corps, what do you say?

    And while we're at it, we can get on the ring a couple of rounds so you can express all your anger against immigrants. I don't guarantee you'll have all your teeth at the end though.

    What do you say tough guy?

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