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Thread: Canadian PR in US, having a baby

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    We are landed Canadian permanent residents with Indian passports but currently living in US.
    We are expecting a baby soon.
    we have options of having the baby in US or in Canada. If we have the baby is US could there be any problem when we move to Canada to live there?

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    Jul 2006
    FIRST you MUST take a SHOWER !!

    Then we talk...

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    If the baby born in USA she can automatically get Canadian PR because of her parents status.

    !! SUPERTRUTH !!
    Better brush your teeth before suggesting someone!

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    Check with Immigration Canada. You may have a problem showing your status if you had your baby in another country (other than an emergency) and were not resident in Canada. But you need to check Canadian immigration laws.

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    Jul 2006
    Better brush your teeth before suggesting someone!
    You better take shower before suggesting me to brush my teeth !

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    Actually, SUPERTRUTH, what you need is an enema. !

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    Jul 2006
    Actually I love enemas !

    Every morning I get two 4 gallon enemas - one from my wife and another from my girlfriend.

    It's a lot of fun and keeps me clean and healthy throughout the day.

    I suggest you try it sometimes.

    Let me know if you need assistance how to apply it.



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    To suggest that the poster take a shower first to me sounds derogatory and even racist. The poster introduced himself as an Indian. East Indians love for spicy foods and onion/garlic makes them a bit different from others if you know what I mean. So, it's not funny to suggest that or make a joke.

    My answer to the question is that there's no problem giving birth in the US. The baby automatically becomes a US citizen. Even the illegals who give birth in the US, their children become Americans if born on US land. So, this favors the parents who have plans of settling down in the US and hopefully someday also become US citizens. After he is born, you must return to Canada to comply your residency requirements as permanent residents or you lose this if you're outside of Canada longer that it's required. The child doesn't automatically become Canadian citizen because he's born in the US. He could be once he reached the right age. Since Canada has dual and even multiple citizenship, all of you would be Canadians and Americans.

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    Noting, of course, that the child cannot sponsor his parents for US green card until he reaches 21 years of age and is able to prove he can support them--assuming the sponsorship laws don't change. In the meantime, having a child in the U.S. confers no immigration benefits on the parents.

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    !! SUPERTRUTH !!

    Try to find a product like enema to keep your mind and thoughts also clean!

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