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Thread: Katrina strikes as Allah fights back

  1. #1
    Amerikans finally paying for their evil deeds...

  2. #2
    Amerikans finally paying for their evil deeds...

  3. #3
    You belong to a mental institution..... you are sick!!!!!!

  4. #4

  5. #5
    itduz: I am not sure you are a Muslim or Not, but according to your messages it's look like you are not muslim or you have now knowledge about the Islam.
    I have lived between the muslims for long time while I was overseas, some of them are highly educated from foreing and local Universities.
    At many times I have forwarded your post to them and have asked about their opinion on your writting.
    Your type of peoples are the sick peoples, who have read four books and have become priest of Islam.
    I think you need to read more to study Islam your life is even not enough for that.
    You should read Mulana Abu Ala Modoudi the great scholar of Islam.
    I would like to ask you one question: Where are you from ?
    What are you doing in the US (if you are in the US)
    May Allah give you some brain to under stand what he wants you to do for mankind.

  6. #6
    this guy definitely isnt a Muslim. He posts on here to create an anti Muslim sentiment...

    I am sorry if this guy is a Muslim, I am ashamed to call myself Muslim..

  7. #7
    don't be ashamed of your roots not all muslims are bad. I'm part german but i know WW2 wasn't my fault

  8. #8
    Please get out of here..people like you cause a bad name for Muslims. May Allah give you common sense.

  9. #9
    I think he should be send to Aghra Mental Institution, in India. They will treat him in the Indian style and he will be back to his senses in few days.
    They know how to treat this kind of peoples.

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