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  1. #1
    Does anyone else believe that immigration laws are the ONLY unfair laws in the U.S.?

  2. #2
    Does anyone else believe that immigration laws are the ONLY unfair laws in the U.S.?

  3. #3
    Just how are they unfair and to whom? Unfair to U.S. citizens with respect to jobs and subusidizing even many legal immigrants? Yes. Unfair to legal immigrants, who now have to wait years for processing and compete for attention with illegal aliens? Yes. Unfair to illegal aliens? NO.

  4. #4
    Just how are they unfair and to whom?
    Any which way you feel and to whom ever you feel. I should have put unfair in quotation marks since the term is very subjective. So the question is:

    Are immigration laws the ONLY "unfair" laws? If immigration laws are not the only "unfair" laws, please list some other laws that you feel are also "unfair."

  5. #5
    I don't think the laws are unfair. I think the laws are not followed or carried out in a timely fashione, both of which cause USCs, legal and illegal immirants frustration.

  6. #6
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    I agree with you, BigDummy. Laws are generally unfair when they are not implemented evenhandedly.

  7. #7
    Sorry, the question should be the following:

    Do you feel that the current immigration laws are "unfair?" If you do, do you feel that are the ONLY "unfair" laws? Please list some other laws that you feel are "unfair."

  8. #8
    I'm sorry, but I don't know enough about the current laws to judge, nor can I make a comparsion of other laws. This is a good question for Houston, Michael and Sammy.

  9. #9
    Some people would probably say that "marriage laws" are unfair to ***s and *******s.

    Eminent domain laws which allow the expropriation of property by local governments for use by private entities (casinos, for example) are unfair to property owners.

  10. #10
    I think that immigration laws are unfair - they should be made more strict than they are....anyone overstaying by a day should be deported and barred for 5 years at a minimum.
    No phony tourist visa marriages.
    No phony seasonal workers.
    No phony H1b visas.
    No automatic six month authorized stay as a tourist (30-60 days is plenty for most)
    No change of status except through a fiance visa.
    No waivers.
    Then things would be fair.

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