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Thread: How can you make sure a lawyer is legitimate?

  1. #1
    I've heard of a lot of people who saw lawyers and then lawyers disappeared. How can you make sure you are not being a victim of scam?


  2. #2
    I've heard of a lot of people who saw lawyers and then lawyers disappeared. How can you make sure you are not being a victim of scam?


  3. #3
    Below is the url for the American Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Directory to help locate a reputable one. If I can find something about reporting the scamming lawyers, I'll be back.

  4. #4
    Immigration Consultant Fraud - to read more, click on link below. Good luck.

  5. #5
    EZ...if their business card says " His NAME"(or "HER NAME")Immigration Attorney"...well, you are about to be taken advantage of.

  6. #6
    A great attorney who is succesful,won't beg you to be his or her client,nor make suggestions "you need a lawywer" a great attorney is open and not pushy at all.

    A great attorney gives you great impression,and is honest aka forthcoming.

    Make sure the attorney you are looking for is specialist in exactly what you need.
    Aka If you are loooking for an immigration attorney,make sure thats the lawyers main field,and not one of 20 fields.Avoids those kinds of attorneys,who are experts,with tax,divorce,accidents,irs and immigration somewhere down the line.

    Always look an attorney is mainly and only specialist in immigration law.
    The way U always know for a fact is when you enter the immigration attorney's office,you will see 100's of books about immigration law...

    Immigration attorney is like a medical doctor.
    If your B.A.L.L.S hurt, you won't see a regular doctor, you will make sure u visit the right doctor,which is in this case an uroligist.

  7. #7
    Thank all of you for the information, also, I was told about an hour ago to check AILA? is this correct?

  8. #8
    AILA is a good source,but the only negative recomendation about AILA is, some attorneys can be registered through their web page but just taken few seminars in immigration...

    So not all attorneys they rec are great

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