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Thread: drunk driving

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    The US Department of State now requires a medical examination for any applicant who has been arrested or convicted for drunk driving within the past five years or who has been arrested or convicted of drunk driving two or more times in their lives.

    The applicant must first appear at the US embassy for a visa interview and disclose the arrest. The Consular Officer will then refer the applicant to the Embassy's panel physician for the examination, which the applicant must schedule. These appointments are generally scheduled within several days of the visa interview.

    After the examination, the blood sample is sent to a processing laboratory where tests are conducted to determine whether the applicant has a long-term history of alcoholism. The results are returned to the interviewing Embassy approximately two weeks later and the applicant is contacted.

    If the results of the blood test are satisfactory the applicant will be instructed to send his/her passport to the Embassy for Visa issuance

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