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Thread: I-751

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    I sent in my I-751 on 3/11/08, to the TSC. They reeived 3/15/08. I received a letter for biometrics on 4/8/08, my appt. was 4/23/08.

    When I checked my case, they stated they transferred my file to the VSC. Should I get an extension letter? My conditional ends in 6 weeks. Also, can anyone share their experience with the Vermont Service center. How long is the wait etc.


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    Hello Carol544,

    You have to make an infopass and get you passport stamp for an extension. I think
    They usually give one year extension when
    your application still pending.

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    Definately, make an info pass appointment and take your passport with you.

    With the new alignment stuff many changes are taking place at DHS that don't make sense at the moment.

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    make an info pass online and go to to the local office and take your state id and your GC and the letter and there they will stamp your passport

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    I called the VSC and they said they mailed me the I-797 extension letter. Do I still have to make an infopass appt to get my passport stamped or should I be okay for now?

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    Hi Carol544,

    Check the online status of your case on the USCIS website if there is an update.

    If you don't recieve the extension letter in a week ( since your GC expire in about 5 weeks ?)
    I will still make an info pass If I were you!
    Bring your application reciept and your passport.

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