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  1. #21
    ur right ,,and i will tell her to do that,,and i understand what u mean,,to avoid any possible arrest if they trace thw phone ,,she have never been in any kind of trouble with the law ,but if it was something serious ,,do u think the police wil wait until she calls and trace the call or she appear somewere or they will just go to her house?and another question,,do they normally send letters for her from the police department or no? bcoz when she checked her local court files online,,there is nothing but the previous divorce,,and the dmv records are clean also

  2. #22
    and also when her son tryed to call the police they r the one who gived him the court phone numberto call,,they didnt bother to check?

  3. #23
    well no,,when her son called the police he explained what happen at the boarder and the police officer didnt really care,,he just said ,,well here is the phone number for the court and go ahead and call them or logg on online and check it ,thats what happen ,and whe she looked online on and run her drivers licence online there was nothing,,and also she logged on ,on the criminal court record for her county and also nothing ,,,

  4. #24
    well the court records ,,,she run her name in the civil data cases and then the traffic and the criminal data in her counrt also,,and there is nothing in her name exept the divorced records,,and the dmv the same ,,one ticket in 2005 but it was paid

  5. #25
    hereis what happen ,,she paid an attorney 500 dolars ad did some research and he told her,,ther is no record in any court,,no dmv record,,and no problims with the police?but he doesnt know what did they told her there is a warrant on her name,,he said there is nothing in her name ?

  6. #26
    hmmmm ,,i dont thins so davdah,,all this started since that day she wasd with her fiance at the same boarder and they finger print her,,but when they released her that day they told her that shes ok bcoz she a u.s citizen and bcoz she have a clean record,,but then they started stopping her everytime she crossed ,,and 3 too long ago she did bought a new car and she doesnt even her her new plates on yet,,but when ever the machine beebed and flash red only when they run her driver licence on the computer,,not before,,so i dont know ??????what do u think

  7. #27
    no she doesnt look american,,she looks pure mexican ,,but yes ur right,,thats bottom line,,she tryed courts,police,dmv,and no record,,she got a copy of her background check online,,and nothing but her previous divorce,,so i guess they flaged her bcoz of what happen,,but the strange thing that the immigration officer didnt even know unless if he didnt wanna tell her,,bcoz first he said,,it looks like u have a warrant,,and when she asked him from wh,he goes,,will,,have u report anybody?and she said no,,and then he said,,have somebody report u?and she said,,will u tell me?and then he said i dont know ,,check with the police?so she did and everything was clear,,but she's still worry about 2 things,,,why did they arrested her son,,and r they going to arrest her someday or they will keep doing the same thing and let her go like always

  8. #28
    davdah gave you the best answer of all.

  9. #29
    no her son was released and they didnt start paper work or anything,,no finger prints also,,exactly ,,,i think thats what it is ,,he tried to trick her,,bcoz he was saying to her,,where did i saw u before,,i know u from somewere?and she kept telling him no u dont,,maybe in here,,and he said no ,,its somewere?and no,,other on divorced and traffic tickets,,she never been in any trouble in all her life,,the only thing is when they finger print her with her fiance last year at the same boarder.thats a good point from u ,,but still strange,,why is her son? maybe bcoz hes car under her name,do u think that someday they will get tired of her and just arrest her or they cannot
    ?bcoz now she knows she very clean ,,and the only thing worry her is them doing something to her one of these days,,i spoke to her today over the phone and i been telling her everything that u guys been telling and shes very greatfull,,thnx alos,from both of us,,,oh she did mention to me that 3 weeks ago,,she did crossed and they run her id and the machine didnt beebed or flash red or nothing?so thats really strange

  10. #30
    sometimes she cross and they dont even ask her for her id ,,just said u.s citizen and cross right the way,,and sometimes only when they run her driver licence they put her on the secondery,,and all this started only when she was there with her fiance and they finger print her,,,but she never had hard time with them before,,

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